Leora Sharma

Admission Tour Guide

Leora Sharma, class of 2017, is a Psychology major. Outside of the classroom, Leora sings a cappella, participates in the Outing Club, dances, and volunteers with ESL students in the Pioneer Valley. She is a Community Advisor and has been involved in research at Mount Holyoke since her second semester here, researching how technology alters preschools. In addition to her Mount Holyoke research, she is also researching at UMass about children with ADHD and whether they respond to frustration and anger cues differently than children without ADHD. Leora can be found reading at the Thirsty Mind or having a movie night in with my friends. She also loves to go to bookshops in Northampton especially The Raven, which has some of the best clinical psychology books she has ever read. She loves that “ although Mount Holyoke is such a rigorous academic institution, we as students are so collaborative and supportive of each other. If you come to Mount Holyoke, you will be surrounded by 2,000 other women who are passionate, engaged, and involved in the community and who will inspire you to go after what you want.”