Marissa Cohen

Admission Tour Guide

Marissa Cohen, class of 2016, is a Music major and English minor and participates in Chamber Jazz, Big Band and Rugby.  She also founded the Trombone Ensemble. On campus, you can find her at the keyboard lab in Pratt Music Hall. She explained, “it is a quiet place where I can concentrate on my music, however, the large windows look out onto campus, and on a sunny day it makes the music come all that much easier.” As a transfer student, coming from a large commuter school in Boston, Marissa spent her first year there not used to knowing her professors, knowing other students in her classes, and not knowing how hard she could be pushed. Transferring was not an easy process, but “Mount Holyoke is the place for me. I knew that the day I came for my interview, when I came to accepted students weekend and my first day on campus.” After graduating, she would like to become a jazz professor.