Apply Early Decision: Maura Zaldonis ’15

Image of Maura Zaldonis ’15

Name: Maura Zaldonis ’15
Hometown: West Simsbury, Connecticut
Major: Economics with a minor in sociology

Discovering MHC

When I was looking at colleges, I knew I wanted to pair my love of horseback riding with an excellent liberal arts education. Given these criteria, Mount Holyoke College was an obvious contender. I also wanted a smaller school with a strong sense of community. At the time, I was also very interested in pursuing veterinary science and I knew that the sciences at Mount Holyoke are among the best. Though my academic interests have since changed, I am so glad that I found Mount Holyoke.

First Impression

When I visited Mount Holyoke as a prospective student, I immediately felt very welcomed. Everyone I met was genuinely warm and kind and seemed so excited about their activities. I knew that I wanted to be a part of a community like this one, where everyone is enthusiastic about their own work while also being very supportive of those around them.

Applying Early

After visiting Mount Holyoke a couple of times, I could really envision myself here. I felt as if the school was the best fit for me. I could not really imagine myself at other schools the way I saw myself at Mount Holyoke, so I decided to take the plunge and apply Early Decision. Making the commitment early was a little nerve-wracking, but when I thought about the other schools I considered applying to, I knew I would always pick Mount Holyoke first.

Getting the News

I was so relieved when I found out that I had been accepted! The stress of the college process was eliminated very early in my senior year. Knowing that I had already made a decision and had been accepted really allowed me to relax more and enjoy my last year of high school. Many of my classmates had applied to dozens of schools and were dealing with applications, admission decisions, and finally choosing a school, while I was able to just get excited about attending Mount Holyoke.

The Right Choice

I am reminded every day that Mount Holyoke was the right choice for me. Through the liberal arts, I was able to discover different disciplines before choosing my economics major. I feel as if I have received an amazing education, facilitated by professors who are seriously committed to the success of each individual student. I love being a part of a women's college community; my classmates are incredible role models who provide amazing examples of leadership. I am so grateful for the relationships I have made at Mount Holyoke. This community of strong and intelligent women has always made me feel at home.


If you look at your list of colleges and pretend that you got into all of them, think about which one you would choose. If Mount Holyoke is your first choice and you know it will still be your first choice in May, I would suggest that you apply early. It is so exciting to know you have been accepted into college, and it really lifts the burden for the rest of the year. Though making the commitment can seem a little scary, the thrill of being admitted into your top choice definitely outweighs the fear. If you are on the fence, try to visit the campus or talk to current students. Knowing more about their experiences can help you narrow down your decision.