Apply Early Decision: Saadia El Karfi ’17

Image of Saadia El Karfi ’17

Name: Saadia El Karfi ’17
Hometown: Rabat , Morocco
Major: Neuroscience and behavior with a minor in computer science or French

The Attraction

The first thing that drew me to Mount Holyoke College was the fact that it was a women’s college and one of the Seven Sisters. I looked at many schools the summer before my senior year but kept being pulled to Mount Holyoke. Its mission statement, its diversity, its traditions—they all kept calling me. Because I lived in Morocco, I never visited Mount Holyoke during my college search. Nonetheless, the videos and the photos online left me amazed. I fell in love virtually.

Applying Early

My EducationUSA counselor advised me that I should only pursue Early Decision if I was totally in love with the school and knew it was my top choice. Mount Holyoke was the school for me, and I applied.

Getting the News

I could not sleep the night I found out I had been accepted. I kept thinking about the fact that I made it through high school. I knew that a long journey of work was ahead of me, but Mount Holyoke was a place I already was calling home before even setting foot on campus.

The Right Choice

Mount Holyoke has been exactly what I expected. It offers an international community, academic rigor, and amazing friends. Since day one, I felt that all the pieces of the puzzle were fitting just right.

Early Decision Advice

If you felt that spark when you visited Mount Holyoke or talked to an alum or to a student, do not compromise. Be true to the person you are and follow your calling.