Applying Early Decision: Haley Robinson ’17

Image of Haley Robinson ’17

Name: Haley Robinson ’17
Hometown: Mercer Island, Washington
Major: Planning Spanish or romance languages with a minor in theatre arts

Discovering MHC

During my college search, I looked for small liberal arts colleges in New England with study abroad opportunities, strong dance and language programs, and accessibility to Boston and New York City. Initially, I was very apprehensive about the idea of a women's college. But, after some convincing, my dad (ironically) coaxed me into considering one. I narrowed my list down to three schools, including Mount Holyoke.

Making the Choice

We visited Smith College the summer before my senior year of high school. But just two weeks before my Early Decision application was due, my mom suggested that we visit Mount Holyoke the following morning. As soon as we drove through the Field Gate, I knew Mount Holyoke would be the place where I would flourish.

Applying Early

When I applied Early Decision to Mount Holyoke, I had never attended an information session, taken a tour, or done an overnight stay. I simply fell in love with the campus. But I knew through my research that it suited my social and academic criteria. Still, I definitely felt apprehensive after submitting my application. 

Getting the News

I remember, so vividly, sitting in my dining room when the email suddenly appeared in my inbox. I immediately called to my dad, who rushed to my side, excitedly urging me to open it. I read the first line of the email to him aloud when we both realized that I had been accepted. We hugged, and it was one of the happiest moments of my life. 

Being Here

The things I value include the social life, the intimate classroom settings, the variety of opportunities both on and off campus (through alumnae and others), and the unique college experience that Mount Holyoke offers. I truly can't imagine myself anywhere else.

My Advice

Have no regrets. Make a decision and commit to it. Stay open-minded. Let unexpected opportunities present themselves and take advantage of them. Never fear / change.