Applying Early Decision: Hannah Thornton ’15

Image of Hannah Thornton ’15

Name: Hannah Thornton ’15
Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Major: Spanish with a Nexus minor in Journalism, Media and Public Discourse

Discovering MHC

Mount Holyoke College first came on my radar when I heard about the varsity riding program from others who share my interest in horses. I learned about the equestrian team first and then started looking into the school.

First Impression

I was definitely in the category of students who thought they would "just know" when stepping onto a college campus whether or not it was right for them, and that is exactly what happened for me. The moment my parents and I drove onto the MHC campus, I saw someone walking around in breeches, and I knew it was somewhere I could picture myself. The natural beauty of the campus really impressed me; I especially loved Williston Memorial Library and all the other historic buildings.

Applying Early

I knew from the beginning that I wanted to find one school and apply early. It's not my personality to apply to 10 schools, and my list of qualifications was very specific. Once I found Mount Holyoke, I felt no hesitation in committing to a binding application. I put every egg in one basket! I didn't fill out a single other application, and wore my MHC sweatshirt obsessively!

Getting the News

I found out while at a Christmas party at my best friend's house. I went into the other room and all my friends waited outside, then I ran out and we screamed for about 10 minutes! I was ecstatic. After being accepted early, I was able to enjoy the rest of my senior year without the stress of college applications. 

The Right Choice

Mount Holyoke puts a high value on the student/professor relationship and that's something that’s benefited me in virtually every class I've taken here. The professors care about you as an individual and will go the distance to see you succeed. MHC has also allowed me to explore my many interests before I settled into a major, which was important to me since I didn't know what I wanted to major in upon entering college.


Early Decision was the right choice for me because I was 100 percent committed to Mount Holyoke. It relieved the stress of senior year and I was able to focus on finishing my high school career. For any student considering applying ED, I would say, go for it! If you know MHC is the right fit for you, Early Decision is the way to go.