Applying Early Decision: Rose Levenson ’16

Image of Rose Levenson ’16

Name: Rose Levenson ’16
Hometown: Lemoyne, Pennsylvania
Major: Psychology and education with a minor in music

Discovering MHC

I never planned on attending a women’s college. My mother highly encouraged me to look at some of the Seven Sisters, and—after enough guilt tripping—I gave in. We were touring New England schools and I agreed to see Mount Holyoke and Smith because we were going to be in the area anyway. After my initial visit, everything began to click into place.

The Attraction

Walking onto campus, you are immediately struck by its natural beauty. Mount Holyoke is exactly what I imagined college would look like based on watching many seasons of Gilmore Girls and reading boatloads of young-adult novels. After pinching yourself to remind you that the campus is real, the quality of the academic opportunities hits you. An added bonus is that the College is in the thriving Pioneer Valley.

Applying Early Decision

Mount Holyoke offered me the possibility of more exciting opportunities and thought-provoking dialogues than any other institution that I visited or considered. Of course, signing your name to a legally binding contract is frightening, but it was empowering at the same time.

Getting the News

I remember exactly where I was when I heard I was accepted—the last high school football game I attended on the first night of winter break in 2011. I got the email on my iPhone that my admission decision had been made, and I frantically tried to log in. When I saw that I was accepted, I was relieved. No matter how prepared or sure you are that you’ll go to college, every senior goes through a moment (or an extended moment) of panic contemplating what would happen if they got in nowhere. First, I called my mom and dad, followed by my brother and then my grandmother. It was a rush of good feelings and happiness.

The Right Choice

Mount Holyoke has allowed me to push boundaries in many facets of my life. This boundary pushing happens in class, in musical ensembles, and on the squash court. I am so thankful for being treated as an equal by faculty, who respect my ideas at every turn. My faculty advisor has transformed not just my views on education, but also how I see my place in the education sphere. My independent work with her has been more academically and socially satisfying than any other experience I have had.


If you are going to apply early, don’t do it because your mom wants you to, or because you think you will be able to skip out of the remainder of your senior year. Do it because you want it. You are making a decision that will transform your life in ways you never imagined.