Justine Marks

Admission Tour Guide

Justine is pictured in the Admission Office living room

Justine Marks, class of 2014, is a double major in English and Gender Studies.  She is currently crafting her senior thesis, which will focus on author Philip Roth's use of alter-ego and voice in his work. “In his retirement,” Justine observes, “Roth seems to be making the transition from modern novelist to literary figure, and I'm excited to jump into that emerging discourse.” When not working on her thesis, Justine sings with both the Glee Club and the Vocal Jazz Ensemble. After graduating, she plans to move to New York to pursue a career in journalism. Three internships during her time at Mount Holyoke have fostered this aspiration: one at Dystel and Goderich Literary Management in New York, one at Uloop.com, an online college news blog, and a third at the Daily Hampshire Gazette, a local newspaper. In her free time, you might find Justine working on her personal blog, at a party, or grabbing a bite and a movie with a couple of friends. Her favorite thing about Mount Holyoke is that it “manages to be a modern and progressive school that is still rooted in tradition.”