Mia Logg

Harriet Newhall Fellow

Mia Logg, class of 2014, is an Environmental Studies major with an interdisciplinary concentration in Environment and Development. Last summer, Mia complemented her coursework with practical experience as an intern at a family-owned, organic farm in California. Her other internships have included positions with the Department of the Interior and with the National Priorities Project, the latter an organization that analyzes the federal budget and makes their findings publicly accessible. While studying abroad in Denmark during the spring of her junior year, Mia explored different sustainability practices within Denmark and the Netherlands. As a result of combining her coursework with these internship experiences, Mia has become increasingly interested in the legal dimensions of environmental practice.  She ultimately hopes to work as a legal consultant for small farms, helping to protect them from the “corruptions of industrial farming.” In the meantime, Mia will continue to co-direct the ever-popular M & C’s and volunteer at the Talcott Greenhouse, her favorite refuge at Mount Holyoke.