New-Student Focus

Q&As: The new-student edition

By the numbers: Among the 670 undergraduates entering Mount Holyoke this fall, there are students from 38 countries, 38 states and Puerto Rico. Almost a third of incoming students (27 percent) learned a language other than English as their first language. In all, first-year students speak 26 first-languages (including English). They are high-achievers, with an average GPA of 3.8. Three-quarters of them graduated with the top 20 percent of their high school class.

By the passions: Freediving. Volcanoes. Advocacy and activism. Law. Community outreach. Chess. Bharatanatyam dance. Neuroscience. Human rights. Equine endurance racing. Choreography. Conservation and sustainability. To name but a few!

By the worldviews: Per Kessh Bhasiin ’22: “Coming from India, I have seen some women raised to be nothing more than a mother and/or a housewife. Mount Holyoke appeals to me because it raises us to something much more than that.” Per Leen Rhazi ’22: “This year I was amongst a group of students who organized Jordan’s first Women’s March in Amman. Many women in impoverished areas simply do not have the right platform to speak up for themselves.”

We are thrilled to welcome all incoming students to Mount Holyoke, and to introduce you to smattering of our community’s newest members.

Photo of Leen Rhazi ’22
“Why Mount Holyoke? Where do I even start? I am so grateful to be attending an institution that is both inclusive and empowering.”
Photo of Saee Chitale ’22
“Wherever I am in 10 years, I want to be part a group of people who are making this world a better place and creating jobs that no one’s ever heard of.”
Photo of Ivy Monterose FP’20
“I want to work in the intersections of mental health and gender identity with young adults. I want to help young people become their authentic selves.”
Photo of Jay Eveson ’20
“I’m really interested in helping the community understand autism as a culture, as opposed to the disorder it has commonly been understood to be.”
Photo of Maya Mauroof ’22
“Anyone who finds herself at Mount Holyoke can do wonders in terms of intellectual and personal growth. It’s the kind of place where I can thrive.”
Photo of Chloe Crabb ’20
“My favorite places on campus are the greenhouse and the library. The Chihuly sculpture is gorgeous; the glass ceiling is a great place to watch storms.”
Firstie Focus on: Ragan Kelly ’22
“My proudest moment might be finishing the 100-mile Tevis Cup endurance race riding alongside my mom when I was 12. My love for adventure has only grown.”
Photo of Iyana Alleyne ’22
“The idea of being surrounded by powerful women all working together to achieve their goals really struck a chord. I want to be with that kind of energy.”
Photo of Lu Vincent FP’21
“Mount Holyoke appeals to my sense of community. Admission and the Frances Perkins Program affiliates have been amazing and have made me feel welcome.”
Photo of Amelia Easley ’21
“The people and the community at Mount Holyoke are easily the biggest draws, as well as the incredible resources for geology students.”
Photo of Sophia Hess ’22
“My art is somewhere between surreal and abstract and I love that I can shape the ocean’s beauty into something of my own.”
Photo of Kessh Bhasiin ’22
“Chess has helped me foster relationships, discover neuroscience, and the ability to sit at a board and concentrate for four to five hours at a stretch.”