Shreeya Joshi

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Shreeya Joshi, class of 2014, complements her major in Environmental Studies with a Nexus minor in Journalism, Media and Public Discourse. Last summer, Shreeya united these interests, working as a public affairs intern at the Environmental Protection Agency. She currently holds a research assistantship with the Environmental Studies department here at Mount Holyoke, and appreciates that her professors consistently “encourage her to explore beyond her perceived boundaries.” Outside of the classroom, Shreeya is an active member of both the Nepali Student Organization and Jhumka, Mount Holyoke’s South Asian fusion dance team. In her free time, you might find her at LimeRed, a bubble teahouse in Amherst, or sledding down Delles Hill on campus with friends. “Seven thousand miles away from my actual home in Nepal,” says Shreeya, “I have found another home in MHC.”