Stephanie Smith

Diversity Outreach Fellow

Stephanie Smith, class of 2015 and a double major in Spanish and Politics, is currently studying abroad in Seville, Spain – an experience she calls “beautifully eye-opening and humbling.” Stephanie hopes to attend law school upon graduation and with this goal in mind, has completed two internships in the legal field, the first in California’s 49th Congressional District, and the second at the Stanislaus County Court House. Prior to leaving for Spain, Stephanie worked at WMHC, Mount Holyoke’s radio station, and served as a Student Representative on the Committee for Multicultural and Community Life, an organization dedicated to strengthening inclusiveness initiatives on campus. In her downtime, Stephanie enjoys watching movies in the Art Building’s classrooms or frequenting La Veracruzana, a lively Mexican restaurant in Northampton. Stephanie’s favorite thing about Mount Holyoke is its “overall accepting community,” which “makes you feel,” she notes, “like you can be whoever you want, especially if that means not being the person others expect you to be.”