Tebo Molosiwa

Harriet Newhall Fellow

Tebo is pictured in front of the walkway connecting Dwight Hall and the Williston Library

Tebo Molosiwa, class of 2014, is an Economics major and a Nexus Global Business minor who loves “the diverse perspectives of the student body” here at Mount Holyoke. In addition to interacting with prospective students as a Harriet Newhall Fellow, Tebo is President of the Class of 2014, Treasurer of the Actuarial Science Club, and a member of the Mount Holyoke African and Caribbean Association (MHACASA). This past summer, she researched crowd funding opportunities during her internship with Embark Energy, a corporation committed to supporting clean-energy production in developing countries. In her free time, you might find Tebo in her favorite place on campus – the New York Room in Mary Woolley Hall – or reading online news articles in TechCrunch, The Wall Street Journal, and the Botswanian Sunday Standard.