Abigail Nowell '15

Hometown: San Anselmo, California

Likely major: Possibly neuroscience; definitely premed. I don’t want to close off my mind to other possibilities that also might spark my interest.

Recent internship: For the past eight months, I’ve worked at the J. David Gladstone Institute of Cardiovascular Disease at University of California, San Francisco researching micro genetics of congenital heart disease. I’m studying fruit flies to detect what protein structures directly correlate to heart failure.

Most delicious summer: When I visited my family and friends last summer in France, I decided to learn French pastry from the best by enrolling in the Cordon Bleu of Paris. For weeks I took the Metro to the 15th arrondissement to study the secrets of classic French delicacies. Learning to cook in French with top chefs was truly a treat!

On trying new things: In high school, I decided to step outside of my comfort zone and try a new club that would both teach and excite me. The Cosmic Ray Club did just that [they built a sub-atomic particle detector]. Also, I’ve always been a reluctant runner, and track and field was a sport that I never imagined I would do. So I joined the team and ended up loving to run!

Riding lessons: All I wanted to do when I was younger was spend time with my horses, ride, and show on the California circuit. After nine years spent with these giant animals, I gained a sense of confidence that has helped me to muscle through difficult and embarrassing times (such as falling off in front of many spectators) both within the sport and in my daily life.