Aune Mitchell ’15

Hometown: Bethel, Connecticut

Likely major: International Relations or Economics

Love of Scrabble: It’s been an amazing journey that has taken me around the country, introduced me to some of my closest friends, and has taught me a thing or two about words (or, at least, about memorizing them).

Favorite Scrabble word: “Zebrass” is a donkey-zebra hybrid. The word is meaning- ful to me as one of the only decent plays I made in my first tournament nearly ten years ago.

Book recommendations: The Death of David Debrizzi by Paul Micou and This Law of Ours by Mohammad Asad.

Academic passion: The Middle East has always fascinated me. As the area is unfortunately often misconstrued and misunderstood by the media, I believe it is imperative to work toward understanding its history, politics, cultures, and religions. My attention has been captured by the revolutions that have been happening throughout the Arab world. These revolu- tions, coupled with the use of social media, have allowed for a greater amount of information to flow to and from various countries, facilitating the spread of ideas. Certainly, now is an exciting time to be involved in Middle Eastern studies!

Being a triplet: What has shaped me the most about being a triplet is the knowledge that my brothers will always be there to support me. I realize that while life can sometimes be complicated, family is about forgiveness, love, and constant, unyielding support.

Athletics: Playing team sports has taught me the value of hard work, respect, and trust. In the end, it’s not about wins or loss- es: it’s about loving your team and loving the game. When you enjoy every moment of it, there are no limits as to how far you can go.