Dianne Laguerta

Diversity Outreach Fellow

Dianne is pictured next to the Talcott Greenhouse

Dianne Laguerta, Class of 2013 is a double major in History and Middle East Studies who is currently writing a thesis on American missionaries in Cairo, Egypt during the early 20th century. Last spring Dianne studied at the American University in Cairo one year after the 2011 Revolution – she describes it as “the best time of my life, partly because of the major political events I was able to witness, and partly because I was able to take graduate level classes in the Arab and Islamic Civilizations department.” At MHC Dianne is a DJ for WMHC Radio and a History department liaison, as well as a regular attendee at Interfaith events.  Post-graduation Dianne hopes to earn her doctorate in Middle Eastern history and become a professor.