Hannah Yee ’15

Hannah Yee ’15

Hometown: Amherst, Massachusetts

Tackling challenges: I’ve learned to just dive in. Whether I’m starting my least favorite type of workout, a paper I can’t seem to make work, or a challenging social situation, I start before I have a chance to dread it. I hate to lose as much as I love to win. As a result, I trust I will see the payoff of my hard work.

Russian Wrestler: Dan Gable was a wrestler who wanted an Olympic Gold, but knew he would have to beat a Russian powerhouse to get it. When Gable hit a hard workout, he would picture his Russian rival doing a hard- er workout. That kept him motivated. I first learned this concept at a preseason Ultimate workout my sophomore year. We picked someone we aspired to play like to be our own Russian Wrestler. This strategy has gotten me through grueling training sessions and helped me focus on my goals.

Ultimate Frisbee: I play Ultimate for the physical prowess it demands. Games are fast-paced, intense, physical, and competitive, and people are expected to be in great athletic shape. I also play Ultimate for the community it fosters. I’ve yet to find another sport with qualities comparable to the camaraderie and sportsmanship I find in Ultimate—and I’ve played a lot of sports.

Winning bronze in the World Junior Ultimate Championship: Competing in Germany was an honor, and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to represent my country on a world stage.

College goals: I’ve been fortunate to forge friendships with athletes from all over the world—I look forward to being a part of the strong MHC community in a similar way.