Jessica Craig ’15

Jessica Craig ’15

Hometown: Park City, Utah

Likely major: At this moment in time, I’d most likely major in psychology.

An equestrian education: I’ve ridden for 11 years. When your companion is a 1,000- pound animal with a mind of their own, sometimes things don't go the way you plan. This partnership has taught me to be patient, calm, sensitive, and respectful to others.

Life changer: Ten days in Bolivia helping build a school in memory of five recent graduates of Park City High School. One day, the tiny classrooms were filled with students who were so thankful for every- thing that they had. Being around these lovely people inviting us with open arms into their community was breathtaking.

My music: I play trumpet, piano, drums, and sing. My favorite female artist at the moment would be Adele. I love her tone and how genuine she is and how that flows through her music.

Why MHC:

  1. I wanted a change in scenery, in people, in everything.
  2. I fell in love with the equestrian program.
  3. I wanted the completely new experience of a women’s college.
  4. I saw what alumnae do with their lives.