Jessica Orozco

Jessica Orozco

Admission Tour Guide

Why MHC: "Before I even arrived at Mount Holyoke as a student, I felt the great sense of community. The atmosphere is very accepting, encouraging, as well as intellectual. The student body is extremely diverse and I am proud to be part of a group of peers in which we all respect our backgrounds and celebrate them as one. Mount Holyoke is a wonderful place to broaden your horizons culturally and academically with wonder professors that are dedicated to their subject matter and more importantly their students."

Class year: 2014

Major: International Relations

Minor: Italian

Hometown: Miami, Florida

Current Residence Hall: Pearsons

Postgraduate Plans: I am planning to apply to graduate programs in Europe.

Study Abroad/Internships: I plan to study abroad in Florence, Italy for the duration of my Junior year.

Favorite Professors: Vinnie Ferraro, Morena Svaldi, and Andrew Lass

Favorite Class: World Politics

Favorite Extracurricular Activity: The drop-in Zumba class, it makes you sweat!

Favorite Place on Campus: The library because you never finish finding secret rooms and lounges.

Favorite Tradition: Pangy Day! A great way to have fun and welcome spring.

Favorite Dining Hall Food:  The mushroom burgers in Prospect.

Favorite Local Restaurant: Fresh Side in Amherst.

What did you do last weekend? Last weekend my friends and I went to Northampton, MA and danced the night away.