Nell Crumbley

Harriet Newhall Fellow

Nell is pictured on the docks off of the Upper Lake Loop



Nell Crumbley, class of 2014 is an International Relations major and an Art History minor. After spending the spring semester of 2013 in St. Petersburg, Russia through CIEE’s Russian Language Program, Nell secured a summer research internship with a think tank in Tbilisi, Georgia. Since her sophomore year, Nell has been a member of the Student Advisory Board at the McCullough Center for Global Initiatives, working in collaboration with faculty and other on-campus offices to make global education a core feature of the Mount Holyoke curriculum. Nell’s favorite place on campus is the Williston Library, which she feels has “the best atmosphere for getting work done” – no small concern when writing a senior thesis that explores “Vladimir Putin’s perspective on the role of the United States globally and in the Republic of Georgia more specifically.” When she’s not thinking about Russia, Nell likes to explore the Five-College area or catch up on sleep.