Leadership and Global Perspectives Awards

Mount Holyoke’s mission is “to prepare students for lives of thoughtful, effective, and purposeful engagement in the world.” Two of our merit designations – our Global Perspectives and our Leadership Awards – are reserved for first-year applicants who have already begun to exemplify these values.

Global Perspectives Award (for non-US citizens)

The Global Perspectives Award stems from the College’s commitment to cultivating global awareness, engaging across difference, and fostering a greater sense of shared humanity. This award recognizes international first-year students whose academic excellence, personal qualities and cultural perspectives will enhance the Mount Holyoke community.

Leadership Award (for US citizens)

As an institution whose calling card is the cultivation of women leaders, Mount Holyoke is pleased to offer our Leadership Award. This award recognizes first-year students whose academic accomplishments are paired with demonstrated records of leadership engagement that reflect promise for continued enterprise, innovation or influence on the local or global scale.

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