New-Student Focus 2016

This is a sampling of the students who joined the Mount Holyoke College community in 2016.

Image of Nora Germani
Everyone on campus and online was respectful and kind and fascinating, and there's no one else I’d rather spend these four years with.
Photo of Maggie Kohl
I saw MHC as a place where everyone who worked or lived there absolutely loved being there.
Susan Cooper Daigneault FP’19
The women who shared their personal experiences were so inspiring, and there was this overwhelming feeling that everyone was cheering you on.
Angelica Mercado ’19
I like the student support, the entrepreneurship opportunities offered and how positively challenging Mount Holyoke can be.
Image of Nabeeha Noor
I love the wide range of programs offered, and how I feel like I am able to study all the fields that interest me without having to compromise.
Image of Yue (Holly) Hong
I believe that I will enjoy studying at Mount Holyoke, where I can explore my potential interests through a broad combination of subjects.
Ruth Ossenag FP’19
Mount Holyoke develops strong female leaders, giving them skills and knowledge to be game-changers. I felt immediately welcome.
Image of Rebecca Piperno
Mount Holyoke was the first campus I ever visited, and I immediately knew that it was the one for me.
Image of Lauren Ferrara
I love MHC already because it is such a beautiful, accepting, and flourishing campus filled with so many opportunities.