Parvathy Bhushan

Admission Tour Guide

Parvathy Bhushan, class of 2017, is planning to major in Biology and minor in French.  She is a member of the South Asian Student Association and a Student Government Association Hall Senator.  During the summer of 2014, Parvathy interned at a diagnostic lab in India. She loves that MHC “challenged her to think differently, whether its a simple in-class discussion with peers or while lying down on Skinner Green with friends. Its taught me to be a better and more understanding member of society.”  Around campus, you can find Parvathy studying in the library or wandering around our Talcott Greenhouse.  She mentioned, “While I haven't spent much time at Mount Holyoke, I feel like I'm a changed person. From someone who was a shy and quiet girl, I feel like I've transformed into a woman who's not afraid to look beyond the horizon. Never Fear/ Change.”