Pavlina Lejskova

Harriet Newhall Fellow

Pavlina is pictured at Mount Holyoke's Upper Lake.

Pavlina Lejskova, class of 2015, is double majoring in Computer Science and International Relations.  For her Computer Science major, she is working on a capstone project called “iHart: Interactive Hallways for Attraction and Retention in Technology.” This project provides inexperienced programmers with the unique opportunity to develop interactive scenes and games that can be displayed on floors and walls, creating a fun and refreshing diversion from the hustle of everyday life for anyone who walks by. The goal of the iHart project is to attract and inspire students to pursue careers in computer science and information technology. This year, she will lead a group of students who will all work on extending and improving iHart.  Outside of class, Pavlina is the Public Relations Director for the Mount Holyoke Outing Club, a contributing writer at MH News, a member of the Green Living Council and in the Computer Science Club.  During the summer of 2014 she worked as an English intern at the Tokyo Woman's Christian University in Tokyo, Japan. She focused on her International Relations major while studying at Sciences Po in Paris during the fall semester of her junior year. After graduating, Pavlina is planning to apply to master's programs in Computer Science in Europe.