Admission Staff

This team of professionals travels the world to meet prospective students and their parents, as well as high school guidance counselors. From January to April you can find them in South Hadley, reviewing applications. Our counselors work closely with an outstanding team of students who give campus tours and interviews, and/or answer questions online.

Vice President

Robin Randall

Vice President for Enrollment Management
Robin Randall will lead Mount Holyoke’s Office of Admission for the year, beginning in September.


Leykia Nulan

Dean of Admission

I believe in the transformative power of the educational experience Mount Holyoke provides its students. This is an institution dedicated to the development of purposeful leaders who will change the nation and the world. I am proud to be part of a community filled with kind, driven, and highly capable individuals.

Leykia Nulan, Dean of Admissions by the Gates of Mount Holyoke College


Emily Allyn

Senior Associate Director of Admission

As an alumna of a women's college and the mother of a recent Mount Holyoke graduate, I know firsthand the value of this very special educational experience. Mount Holyoke is truly a place of transformation, where students are empowered to explore, question and stretch. When combined with close mentorship by exceptional faculty and a deep institutional commitment to student success, there are simply no limits to the possibilities here.

Photo of Emily Allyn

Catarina Costa

Director of U.S. Admission

I was impressed by the College's academic reputation and commitment to diversity and global issues. And … people here are passionate. From my very first visit, I just knew I had to be a part of this dynamic and thriving community.

Photo of Catarina Costa, Associate Dean of Admission

Carolyn Dietel

Director of the Frances Perkins Program and Transfer Affairs

Mount Holyoke is a college that changes lives, including my own. The community of students, faculty, and staff who spend their days on this campus is extraordinary, dynamic and diverse. I value the opportunity to support students who - like me - strive to make a difference in our ever-changing and complex world.

Carolyn Dietel, Director of the Frances Perkins Program and Transfer Affairs

Mae Fuller

Assistant Director of Admission

Having been a part of the greater Pioneer Valley community for several years, I am incredibly proud to specifically call Mount Holyoke College home. Some say college is not the real world. I say Mount Holyoke has eagerly welcomed the world into its gates. Our students are from all over the globe and country, each bringing a unique perspective needed to solve the problems of tomorrow. It is truly my pleasure to work with such hard-working, innovative, and empathetic students - and represent Mount Holyoke College as a whole.

Mae Fuller

Ariya Lawson

Assistant Director of Admission and Coordinator of Multicultural Recruitment

Mount Holyoke College is one of the most life-changing and vibrant cultures that you could choose to explore. As an MHC alumna and firm believer in the strength and importance of a women’s college education, I am proud to be among individuals who are passionate about their work and strive to be the best. The tenacity of the students and their willingness to engage new challenges and increasing diversity is empowering. Every year, our incoming students add to the energy and strength of our dynamic community and I am excited to be a part of building each new class.

Ariya Lawson

Audrey Maney-Hernandez

Assistant Director of Admission

What I find most profound about Mount Holyoke is its unwavering commitment to the empowerment and success of students of marginalized genders. The result is a uniquely transformative college experience, followed by a lifelong, dauntless pursuit of knowledge, self-reflection, and positive change. Mount Holyoke dares its students to challenge themselves, as well as to love themselves, shaping them into bold, ambitious, and compassionate global citizens. As a proud alumna, it is an honor to serve as an ambassador to my alma mater, and to share with others its powerful and inspiring message.

Audrey Maney

Amy E. Markham

Director of International Admission

I am deeply committed to the liberal arts and have a strong appreciation for the diverse and inclusive women's education offered by Mount Holyoke. I love the boldness and confidence of our students. Their willingness to try new things and to speak their minds in truly inspirational!

Photo of Amy Markham

Heidi Merrill

Associate Director of Admission

Mount Holyoke provides the value of a women's college in a strong liberal arts setting. Our students are smart, curious and passionate. They're equally committed to their academics and social justice causes, and work every day to make the world a better place. I believe in Mount Holyoke and look forward to sharing everything it offers with you.

Photo of Heidi Merrill

Emily Parker

Assistant Director of Admission

Mount Holyoke is a vibrant community of students, faculty, and staff sharing a commitment to excellence. Combining a strong liberal arts education matched with the sense of self found by MHC students, this is a place designed for success. As an alumna of a women's college, I am proud to be part of this community. I am eager to support students who choose to call Mount Holyoke home.

Emily Parker

Nichole Reynolds

Director of Enrollment Marketing and Communications, Senior Associate Director of Admission

Mount Holyoke College is an institution where the next generation of women leaders is being shaped. Our student body is dynamic and diverse, our campus atmosphere is lively and inspired, and our faculty members are not only brilliant, but expert at balancing their investment in student success with their commitment to the pressing global conversations in which they all engage. As a proud alumna, it gives me great satisfaction to introduce others to so transformative a place.

Photo of Nichole Reynolds

Annie Sullivan

Associate Director of Admission, Coordinator of International Recruitment

I chose Mount Holyoke primarily for its commitment to global learning, which is evident in the student body, the courses and majors offered, and the enormous study abroad opportunities. I also admire Mount Holyoke’s tradition of a liberal arts and sciences philosophy and curriculum. Finally, MHC has a unique and inspiring mission to empower women with courage, leadership, fearlessness, and the willingness to create change.

Photo of Annie Sullivan

Kristen Thayer

Assistant Director of Admission

What drew me to Mount Holyoke was the commitment to a liberal arts education that inspires students to go above and beyond, develop their passions, and become the leaders of tomorrow. Additionally, I am inspired by the supportive community of remarkable individuals that call Mount Holyoke home. That sense of community was palpable from the moment I stepped foot on campus and is what convinced me that Mount Holyoke was the place for me.

Kristen Thayer