Student Volunteer HQ

As a volunteer for the Office of Admission, you play an important role in shaping the future of Mount Holyoke. It’s a great way to strengthen your connection to the College and to other amazing present and future students. Have a look at the volunteer opportunities below and follow the links for more information and to sign up. Thanks for your interest!


Allow a prospective student to “shadow” you for a day during the fall semester, or host them overnight for one of our multi-day programs. Every year, matriculating students tell us that their positive overnight experience was the deciding factor in attending MHC, which is why we are always so grateful to those who volunteer to share their time and their dorms with prospies. Sign up now to become a host!


Do you like to sing, dance, act, play an instrument, recite poetry? Are you a part of a performance-based student organization seeking more opportunities to get on stage? Showcase your org and your talent by performing for prospective students in our bi-annual MHC Performs show, or be a part of the Coffeehouse event in April. We are now accepting proposals for MHC Performs and our Coffeehouse events in April; fill out the questionnaire to get involved.

Organize a Cultural Center Event

Is your student org interested in hosting a fun, interactive, evening event for our prospective (fall) or admitted (spring) student guests at the ACE, Betty, Elliott Marks, Ortega, or Zowie house?  We are now accepting proposals for cultural center evening activities to be held on Sunday, April 13; get involved by filling out this proposal form.  

Facilitate a Dialogue

Are you interested in bringing groups of students together to dialogue through difference?  Do you have a topic that you are interested in exploring with students who are visiting Mount Holyoke? Previously, students, faculty, and staff have co-facilitated Taboo dialogues for admitted students (spring) on race and class intersections, sustainability and race, gender and single sex education, the first generation to college experience, and diversity and inclusivity in LGBTQ movements.  We are now accepting proposals for Taboo Dialogues to be held on Saturday, April 13; get involved by signing up here.  

Reach out

Current students serve as our best advocates by sharing their experiences at Mount Holyoke with friends, former teachers, and family members. Help us to recruit the next class of Mount Holyoke students - become a Student Ambassador and speak to prospective students in your hometown over breaks. Tell them about what it’s like to take classes, conduct research, and live on campus at Mount Holyoke, and answer their questions. Get involved today by signing up online.

 Already a Student Ambassador?

If you already visited your high school as a Student Ambassador, please fill out the Post-High School Visit Evaluation form.