Requirements for Transfers

Students who enter Mount Holyoke as transfers are expected to fulfill the same degree requirements as students who spend all four years at Mount Holyoke.  It is possible to transfer courses that fulfill many of these requirements. Applicants are not expected to have completed all of the distribution requirements before they matriculate.

The degree requirements include:

  • a total of 128 credits, of which at least 64 must be completed while in residence at Mount Holyoke and 68 of which must be in courses outside your major field of study
  • a major
  • a first-year seminar (transfers who enter with sophomore or junior standing are exempt from this requirement)
  • at least one course from each of the College’s three divisions: Humanities, Sciences and Mathematics, and Social Sciences
  • a designated language or literature course which involves study  of a language other than English.  If your first language was not English, you may qualify for an exemption.
  • one course in multicultural perspectives that broadens awareness of the diversity of human experience and expression. You’ll study some aspect of Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, or of peoples of color in Australia, Europe or North America, or peoples in North America whose primary language is not English.
  • 2 units of Physical Education. This is usually completed through two half-semester PE courses or two Dance courses.

A student may also elect a second major or a minor, as well as a five-college certificate or a Nexus program.

In meeting requirements, some courses may be applied to more than one requirement. For example, the first-year seminar may satisfy one of the divisional requirements and/or the multicultural perspectives requirement.

These requirements dovetail with the College’s overall learning goals.