Transfer FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Mount Holyoke welcomes questions from prospective students and their families. Don’t see the answer you’re seeking? Feel free to join a chat , ask a student, or contact admission.

How will my transfer application be read?
Transfer applications are read in a manner similar to that of first-year students, but more emphasis is placed on college-level course work and professors' letters of recommendation. Mount Holyoke welcomes transfer applications and in recent years has experienced a substantial increase in this population. Transfer students have proven to be excellent students and campus leaders at Mount Holyoke.

How many transfer students are accepted each year?
Approximately 50 students are accepted.

Will all my credits transfer?
In general, academic credit is granted for liberal arts courses completed with grades of C- or better and most A.P. and I.B. courses with exam grades of 4-5 and 5-7, respectively. More about transferring credits...

What are the academic requirements when I arrive at Mount Holyoke?
The academic requirements for students who enter Mount Holyoke as transfers are the same as those for students who enter in the first year. These requirements include three courses in the humanities; two courses in science and mathematics, including a laboratory course; two courses in the social sciences, and a multicultural perspective course.

What is a multicultural perspective course?
As one of a number of academic requirements that you’ll fulfill once you come to Mount Holyoke, a course in multicultural perspectives will broaden your awareness of the diversity of human experience. You'll study some aspect of Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, or the nonwhite peoples of North America. More about diversity and inclusiveness at MHC...