Video Tips for International Students

Applying to college can be confusing! There are so many questions to answer: What’s financial aid? Should I apply for it? What’s required and what’s optional? What do they do with my application after I submit it?

The International Admission Team is here to help! We’ve taken the questions we get asked most frequently and turned them into videos. Short videos, we promise. After you watch, take a look at some of the resources we’ve included below and — as always — follow up with us if you have more questions!

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Communicating with Admission

What is the difference between "scholarships" and "financial aid"?

Should I apply for financial aid?


Not applying for financial aid? Here's what you need to know.

Submitting standardized test scores

English Proficiency (EP) Requirements, Deadlines and Waivers


Midyear reports

Submitting optional portfolios

What happens after you submit your application? (part one)


What happens after you submit your application? (part two)


More Resources

Email Admission ( with questions about your application for admission, merit-based scholarships, or for general information about Mount Holyoke.

Email Student Financial Services ( for questions about applying for need-based financial aid and about your financial aid application.

Submit your (optional) arts supplement through Slideroom.

Learn about our optional SAT/ACT policy.

Learn about our English proficiency policy.

Learn how to apply for need-based financial aid.

What do all these admission terms mean?

Visit the College Board website for definitions of terms like:

Early Decision (ED)
Financial Aid
Priority Deadline
Regular Decision (RD)