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Each fall, Mount Holyoke College's admission counselors travel across the country and around the world to meet with prospective students, their families, and school counselors.

For information about high school visits and college fairs in the United States, select your state from the list below. To learn if interviews will be available in your area, contact the Office of Admission by email or by phone at 413-538-2023. Can't chat with us when we are near you? Schedule an interview at your convenience on campus, via Skype, or with a local alumna admission representative.

We have a separate page for details about admission counselor travel outside the United States.

Admission visits in Asia

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Event Location Date Director
Canadian International School Hong Kong, Hong Kong 09/21/2016 12:15PM Amy Markham
Cheongshim International Academy Gapyung-Gun, South Korea 09/07/2016 12:30PM Anne Sullivan
Dulwich College Beijing School Beijing, China 09/09/2016 12:50PM Amy Markham
Hong Kong International School Hong Kong, Hong Kong 09/21/2016 03:40PM Amy Markham
International Community School Singapore, Singapore 09/13/2016 09:00AM Amy Markham
International School of Kuala Lumpu Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 09/15/2016 03:00PM Amy Markham
International School of Myanmar Hlaing Tsp, Yangon, Myanmar 09/19/2016 09:00AM Amy Markham
Japan Kanto Plain College Fair Tokyo, Japan 09/09/2016 01:30PM Anne Sullivan
Korean Minjok Leadership Academy Gangwon-Do, South Korea 09/07/2016 03:40PM Anne Sullivan
Mont'kiara International School Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 09/15/2016 09:45AM Amy Markham
Overseas Family School Singapore, Singapore 09/13/2016 11:00AM Amy Markham
Seoul Foreign School Seoul, South Korea 09/08/2016 12:40PM Anne Sullivan
Singapore American School Singapore, Singapore 09/14/2016 09:55AM Amy Markham
South Island School Hong Kong, China 09/21/2016 10:00AM Amy Markham
Stamford American Intrntl School Singapore, Singapore 09/14/2016 11:00AM Amy Markham
Stamford American Intrntl School Singapore, Singapore 09/14/2016 12:00PM Amy Markham
UWC Dilijan Yerevan, Armenia 09/16/2016 09:00AM Anne Sullivan
UWC Dilijan Yerevan, Armenia 09/17/2016 09:00AM Anne Sullivan
UWC of South East Asia Singapore, Singapore 09/13/2016 01:00PM Amy Markham
United World Colled SE Asia-East Singapore, Singapore 09/14/2016 01:00PM Amy Markham
United World College Li Po Chun Shatin NT, Hong Kong 09/20/2016 04:30PM Amy Markham
Western Academy of Beijing Beijing, China 09/09/2016 11:30AM Amy Markham
Yongsan International School Yongsan Ku, South Korea 09/08/2016 09:15AM Anne Sullivan

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