Shadow Days

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Event Dates:

  • Monday, October 3
  • Monday, October 24
  • Monday, November 14

It’s time to visit Mount Holyoke. And do what you want.

Attend class. Meander. Smell the coffee—and chai. Wander into an idea. Check out a student org. Eat. Ask. Meet a professor. Follow the music. Join the conversation. Or, just take in the view.

At Shadow Days, we pair you with a current student. Hang out with her or strike out on your own—you decide.

While parents attend scheduled presentations about the college admission process and financing your education, you’ll be out where it all happens. Because that’s how you’ll know.

Participation is limited—reserve your place by the Wednesday prior to your visit. Call 413-538-2346 for more information.

Check-in: 7:45–8:15 am, Willits-Hallowell Center. Follow signs for parking. Shadow Days end at 4:00 pm.