Waitlist: Frequently Asked Questions

I want to stay on the waitlist. What do I do next?

If you have not yet accepted your offer to remain on the waitlist through your application status portal, you must do so in order to be considered for admission.

Once you click “I accept my offer to remain on the waitlist”, you will have the option to share more about your interest in Mount Holyoke, tell us whether or not you are interested in the spring semester (see below), and submit additional documents. New information must be submitted via your application status portal, and you can change your waitlist preferences or add new materials at any time.

Early Decision applicants should plan to respond to their waitlist offer and ask a school official to submit midyear grades by April 8, 2022.

Can I make changes to my waitlist interest form?

Yes, you may update the information in your portal at any time. Simply login to your portal, make the changes, and click “update”.

Why was I placed on the waitlist?

Our large and highly competitive applicant pool means we are unable to offer admission to all qualified students. However, we remain interested in your application.

May I be considered for the spring semester?

Yes. Sometimes we do not have space available for the fall semester, but there are spaces in our smaller spring class. If you are interested in the possibility of taking a gap semester and enrolling for spring semester in January 2023, please indicate this when you accept your place on the waitlist using the online reply link in your portal.

How many students are on the waitlist?

By mid-April, we anticipate several hundred students will have accepted our offer to remain on the waitlist.

Is the waitlist ranked? How will I know my place?

The waitlist is not ranked. We will be heavily influenced by your intent to enroll, your original application, and additional supporting materials. Depending on our financial aid commitments to date, the need for financial aid may be a factor in our decision.

How many students are admitted from the waitlist?

Every year is different. In the past, we have made as many as 50 offers or as few as none. The number of offers we make depends on how many original admission offers are accepted throughout the spring. Because it is difficult to predict exactly how many students will accept our offers of admission, we do not know in advance how many, or if any, students will be offered admission from the waitlist. Beginning in late April, we check our enrollment numbers day to day to be able to reach out to students on the waitlist as soon as we have information to share; we may also ask students to re-confirm their interest in remaining on our waitlist at that time. We will continue to monitor the class size and may make offers from our waitlist into the summer.

When will I hear if I will be admitted?

We realize that students must make a deposit to a college that has admitted them by May. In the best of all worlds, we would try to notify you in late April of your status on the waitlist, but this is not always possible. After May 1, we have a better sense of whether initial offers meet our target, but a final decision may not be possible until sometime in May. Depending on how many students have responded to our offer of admission, activity often extends later into the spring or summer. This means that if you have not received notification from us by May 1, you will need to pay an enrollment deposit at another college.

How will I be notified of status updates?

When we have updates regarding your waitlist status, we will email you. You do not need to check your application status portal unless we notify you by email that an update has been posted. As soon as we have an update, we will reach out. If you have not heard from us, it is because we do not have an update about whether we will be able to consider your application for admission or when we will have further information.

Will I be eligible for financial aid if admitted?

Yes, if admitted from the waitlist, you would receive the same financial aid award that you would have received if you were admitted directly. As noted above, financial need may be a factor in our decision as we consider which students to admit from the waitlist if space becomes available.

May I send additional documents?

Supplemental documents may be submitted if you feel they would provide new information to your application. In the past, helpful materials have included an updated transcript, test scores, or a statement of interest in Mount Holyoke. Additional materials must be submitted via the waitlist interest form to be considered. These items will not be reviewed unless space in the class becomes available.

May I have an interview? May I visit campus?

While we are not offering interviews for students on our waitlist, you can certainly register for an in-person campus tour, or tour campus from afar via the Guidebook app.

If you have more specific questions after reviewing all of the information above, please email admission@mtholyoke.edu.