David Hernández Around Campus

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Immigration inequality in the U.S.

David Hernández, associate professor of Latina/o studies at Mount Holyoke, discusses the biases against Black and Muslim applicants for U.S. citizenship. 

David Hernandez in a blue check shirt, standing in front of undergraduates, discussing a topic

Volunteers help students at Homework House

Mount Holyoke College undergraduates volunteer at Homework House, tutoring elementary school students in the city of Holyoke. 

This is photo of David Hernandez

Trump is “dissolving Congress in plain sight”

David Hernández writes that amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Trump has increased his governmental power grab, especially with respect to immigration.

David Hernández

When all Latinx immigrants become “Mexicans”

Professor David Hernández analyzes the meaning behind the increasingly blurred line between Mexicans and other Latinx immigrants.

Associate Professor of Latina/-o Studies David Hernández

Detained children, deplorable conditions

Mount Holyoke’s David Hernández spoke on The Takeaway about the horrifying conditions faced by immigrant children at the Texas border.

Associate Professor of Latina/-o Studies David Hernández

Exploring deportation

A Latino Studies article by David Hernández and others from Mount Holyoke examines a visit to migrant detainees for his History of Deportation class.

The New England Consortium for Latina/o Studies, at their fall 2017 meeting at Mount Holyoke College, gathers twice a year for teaching, collaboration and leadership development.

Curating Latinx scholarship

The New England Consortium for Latina/o Studies gives Mount Holyoke professors a chance to collaborate, share best practices and offer mentorship.

David Hernández, Latina/o Studies

Finding his way with no map

David Hernández writes about a barrier he faced as a first-generation student — the “information vacuum” — and how he aims to fight it as a professor.

David Hernández

Hernández: scrap migrant detention policies

Immigration policy expert David Hernández calls for immigration detention practices  to be scrapped.

David Hernández

Hernández: immigrant life set to worsen

Rescinding immigration policy would make life harder for immigrant families and communities, says Hernández.

David Hernández

Professor: “The Melting Pot” that’s not.

Immigrants have always been viewed as second-class citizens, argues David Hernández, who cites the innate racism of US immigration policy.