Stephen Jones Around Campus

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Faculty Honors: Stephen Jones

In light of the Georgian elections, expertise from the Mount Holyoke professor is in demand.  

Amy Lim ’18 (left), Julia Kellerbauer ’18 (middle), and Lim’s mentor, Margaret (Gretchen) Lay, assistant professor of economics, Global Competence Awards ceremony.

Think globally, act globally

Mount Holyoke demonstrates that global education is essential, as 35 seniors receive an award for the breadth of their international experiences. 

Professor writes on Georgia’s “failed experiment.”

Mount Holyoke professor Stephen Jones writes for openDemocracy about the key figure in sweeping economic changes in the country of Georgia.

Professor Speaks on Russian Ruble Collapse

Stephen F. Jones explains the factors contributing to the freefalling Russian ruble in Economy Watch. Will Putin’s fate follow the ruble’s decline?

President interviews Jones about the Ukraine.

The Ukraine may have disappeared from major media headlines, but the situation is far from resolved, Professor Stephen Jones tells President Pasquerella.

Jones Chronicles Modern History of Georgia

Video: Russian studies professor Stephen Jones discusses his newest book, Georgia: A Political History Since Independence.

Stephen Jones Takes a Fresh Look at Russo-Georgian War

Stephen Jones is the editor of new book on the 2008 conflict that had a major impact on the Eursasian region and the rest of the world.