Welcome to ACE!

What are All-Campus Elections? All-Campus Elections combine the two student groups who have campus-wide elections, Student Government Association (SGA) - who is responsible for connecting students with the administration to make positive changes on campus and the Class Boards - who are responsible for upholding the traditions of each class year (Elfing, Dis-o, Snow Ball, Bigs/Littles, etc.), into one process.

Who is elected? Campus leadership positions for the SGA Executive Board and Class Board positions for all four class years. SGA referendums that are eligible for campus-wide votes may also be on the ballot. Graduating Seniors are eligible for specific Alumnae positions.

When? All current student Class Board and SGA elections are held during the months of March and April. New First Year class board positions are elected in September and October.

Who votes? All students are eligible to vote in the All Campus Elections. Each student may vote on the SGA candidates, and the candidates for their specific Class year (designated by the Registrars' Office). Frances Perkins students should complete a ballot for the class year that they are associated. Students who are abroad or in a domestic exchange program are eligible to vote. Students on non-academic or medical leave are not eligible to vote.

What is the All Campus Elections Committee? The All-Campus Elections Committee, or ACE Committee, coordinates the All-Campus Elections process. The group is made up of Student Government representatives selected through the Committee Yourself Week committee selection process.

*The ACE Committee and advisor will handle all complaints and violations.

Questions? Contact ACE at sga-all-campus-elections-g@.