Welcome to ACE!

All- Campus Elections is the name that was created to describe the process combining Student Government Association's elections with the four Class Boards' elections. All- Campus Elections first occurred in Spring 2005. 

Who is elected?
For Fall elections we will only be electing for the four Class Boards' elections. 
  • All positions on the Class of 2020 board
  • Class of 2020 Senator
  • Class of 2019 Senator
  • Class of 2018 Senator
  • Class of 2017 Senator

What purpose does Class Board Serve?
The class boards are elected members of each class year, whose primary duties are to bring their class together by sponsoring activities that promote group cohesion and bonding. Each class board is responsible for carrying on some of the most important Mount Holyoke Traditions.
Where can I find all the information I need?
Please visit ACE's website for timeline, forms, and review all that is required for your candidacy. 

Who votes?
All students are members of a Class Year, designated by the Registrar's Office. All students can vote for their respective Class Board positions. Students on non-academic, medical, study abroad, or domestic exchange programs are eligible to vote. Students on judicial leave are not eligible to vote.

What is the All-Campus Elections Committees? 
The All-Campus Elections Campus or ACE coordinates the All-Campus Elections process. The group is made up of student volunteer SGA representatives selected through the Committee Yourself Process. This group meets to plan all aspects of the process, creates the elections guidelines, enforces the guidelines, runs Office Hours and "Meet the Candidates Night", advertises All Campus Elections, verifies voting results, and responds to all misconduct complaints. The members also help report back to their respective groups with updates and enlist their help as necessary. 
Questions? Contact ACE at sga-all-campus-elections-g