Class Boards Positions

The class boards are elected members of each class year, whose primary duties are to bring their class together by sponsoring activities that promote group cohesion and bonding. Each class board is responsible for carrying on some of the most important Mount Holyoke Traditions.

Each year a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Social Chairs are elected for:

  • First Years (Elections in the fall)
  • Rising Sophomores (Elections in the spring)
  • Rising Juniors (Elections in the spring)
  • Rising Seniors (Elections in the spring) Additionally, the rising Senior class elects two Head Class Agents, who work on creating and implementing a senior giving campaign with the Office of Advancement. The full elected slate of Senior Class Officers will serve a 3 year term (Senior year, plus the two years until the class 2nd year reunion.)

The Outgoing Senior Class (Elections in the spring) will elect two Co-Scribes, and one Class Communications/Web Coordinator, who will serve after graduation until the 2nd year reunion and two Young Alumnae Trustee Nominees. These nominees will be entered in the eligible pool from which the Young Alumnae Trustee is selected every three years. Students running for an elected office must be in good academic and social standing as defined by the guidelines of the College.

The All Class Board Constitution provides detailed description of all positions.


All students interested in running for an elected position are responsible for understanding all responsibilities of that position as outlined in the constitution of that organization. Additionally, all candidates are required to attend one Information Session run by the ACE Taskforce and completely review the election guidelines packet that will be provided only in that session.