Elections Results

Student Government Association 

Executive Board (Serving 2015-16)

President - Courtney Brunson
Vice President - Marwa Mikati
Treasurer - Maria Ferreras
Secretary - Elena Albanese
Public Relations - Babs Babcock
Chair of Committees - Fatima Atif
*Chair of Halls - Shahd Al-jawhari
*Chair of Orgs - Camille Gladieux
*Chair of Senate - Carly Bidner

   * Denotes In-Senate Elected position

2018 Class Board

(Sophomore Board 2015-16)

President - Lyssi Joseph
Vice President - Olivia Lucas
Treasurer - Xiaopan Ye
Secretary - Aayushi Mishra
Social Chair - Vacant (To Be Filled by the Class Board)
Social Chair - Vacant (To Be Filled by the Class Board)

2017 Class Board (Junior Board 2015-16)

President - Liz Huang
Vice President - Zainab Amjad
Treasurer - Kristyn Carter
Secretary - Vacant (To Be Filled by the Class Board)
Social Chair - Lauren McGraw
Social Chair - Nicolette Finder

2016 Class Board (Senior Board 2015-16)

President - Linda Xu
Vice President - Constance Fontanet
Treasurer - Ymani Monet
Secretary - Brittany Lambert
Social Chair - Kelly Stewart
Social Chair - Kennedy Warner
Head Class Agent - Christine Harding
Head Class Agent - Surayya Masood

Class of 2015 (Serving as Alumnae Board 2015-2017)

President - Gabriella Crimi
Vice President - Rachael Smith
Secretary - Elena Eimert
Treasurer - Kate Belair
Social Chair - Samantha Marsden
Social Chair - Sarose Klein
Head Class Agent - Zoe Snow
Head Class Agent -  Rose Donahue
Young Alumna Trustee Nominees: Casey Accardi, Adelyn Yeoh

Class Scribes: Ann Schindler, Vacant (To be filled in Round 2)

Web Coordinator: Vacant (To be filled in Round 2)


Class of 2014 (Serving as Alumnae Board 2014-2016)

President - Jenna Caputo
Vice President - Tebo Molosiwa
Secretary - Semhar Gebrekristos
Treasurer - Rudo Mudzi
Social Chair - Stephanie Slysz
Social Chair - Mariyah Sabir
Head Class Agent - Victoria Helwig
Head Class Agent -  Christina Stathopoulos
Young Alumna Trustee Nominees: Vanessa Keverenge, Dominique Piquant
Co Scribes - Sarah Flagg, Janice Shiu
Web Coordinator - Karissa Pinto 

Class of 2013 (Serving as Alumnae Board 2013-2015)

President - Keshia Pendigrast
Vice President - Anne Preston
Treasurer - Roma Chandhok
Secretary - Nora Cunningham
Social Chair - Laitha Muthusamy
Social Chair - Swarnima Singh
Head Class Agent - Victoria Bartow
Head Class Agent - Lindsay Steadman

Young Alumna Trustee Nominee: So Jin Lee, Sharanya Shankar

Co Scribes: Olivia Chin, Ahdi Zuber, Celeste MacAuley

Web Coordinator: Sharanya Shanka

Class of 2012  (Serving as Alumnae Board 2012-2014)

President - Kaley Ahmann
Vice President - Jinsol Lee
Treasurer - Sindhu Reddy
Secretary - Dylan Boivin
Social Chair - Caitlin Bone
Social Chair - Clara Kann
Head Class Agent - Eyitemi Popo
Head Class Agent - Laine Winokur

Young Alumnae Trustee Nominee- Claire Boyd

Young Alumnae Trustee Nominee - Susanna Labowitz
Co-Scribe - Kaley Ahmann
Co-scribe - Anne (Annie) H Arbuthnot