Prospective Candidate Information

Thank you for your interest in running for an elected position on Class Board or as a Class Senator. Please visit our website to find all the documents and information needed for your candidacy.

Students who are or will be going abroad in the 2016-2017 academic year are not permitted to run. The term for each available position is one full academic year. 

  • Ask questions! Review all the information required
  • Submit campaign materials by the deadline
  • Actively campaign and encourage your peers to vote
  • Attend Meet the Candidates Night
  • Visit our Website for all the information needed!

Email SGA-All-Campus-Elections-g with any/all of your questions. 


To find all the information, forms needed and to learn everything you need to know for this election, please visit our website.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Form  Read and sign your FERPA form. Must be turned in to the Office of Student Programs.  October 13, 2016 
Official Candidates Presentations   Learn who can vote, what components are required of candidates, and the eligibility.   October 13, 2016 
Take Elections Quiz  After reviewing both presentation, you must complete the Election Quiz and receive a 100%. You can take the quiz how many times as you wish.  October 13, 2016 
Petition to Run for Class Board Officer and Senator  Can only be signed by members of candidate's class. Petitions must be turned in to the Office of Student Programs  October 13, 2016 
Campaign Guidelines Presentation  Review the campaign guidelines powerpoint. Learns the dos and don't on having a successful campaign.   October 13, 2016 
Personal Statement  In order to run, you must submit a personal statement, no longer than 100 words through the form. Remember if you are submitting a picture, please e-mail it (, Subject: Picture (Insert Class/Full Name).   October 13, 2016 
Candidate Certificate Form  Fill out the Candidate Certificate form and submit it the Office of Student Programs.   October 13, 2016 
Campaigning Begins!  Once you have turned in all your materials and have gotten the green light from ACE Committee you can begin campaigning!   October 13, 2016 
Polls Open!  Use your right to democracy. Get out the vote. Polls will open after the Senate Meeting.  October 18, 2016 
Meet the Candidates!  Save the date. You are required to attend the Senate Meeting on October 18. Come prepared for your 2 minute speech. Please refer to the Campaign Guidelines Powerpoint for Proxy Guidelines.  October 18, 2016 
Expense forms and Receipts  Expense forms and receipts are due to Student Programs by 5:00pm  October 24, 2016 
Polls Closes  Polls will close at 12:00pm (noon).   October 24, 2016 
Campaigning Ends  All materials associated with your campaign must be taken down by 5:00pm EST.   October 24, 2016 
Results   Results will be announced during the Senate Meeting. Come out and find out who your new representatives ares.  October 25, 2016