Prospective Candidate Information

Thank you for your interest in running for an elected position on the Student Government Association or Class Boards. This page has a step by step outline on how to become an official candidate.

  • Refer to the official requirements for the position you are interested in being elected (Class Board positions or SGA Positions)
  • Attend an information session* held by the ACE Taskforce (See below for Fall 2014 Info Sessions for First Year Class Board).

Students who will be going abroad in the 2014-2015 academic year are not permitted to run. The term for each available position is one full academic year. 

  • Ask questions! Read the official candidate packet (only given out at information sessions)
  • Submit campaign materials by the deadline
  • Actively campaign and encourage your peers to vote
  • Attend Meet the Candidates Night

Email SGA-All-Campus-Elections-g with any/all of your questions. 

Fall 2014 Information Sessions

Information Sessions 
(Must attend 1)



Session 1

Monday, Sept 15

1:00pm / Blanchard 226

Session 2

Tuesday, Sept 16

5:30pm / Blanchard 226

Session 3

Wednesday, Sept 17

12:00pm / Blanchard 226

First Year Class Board Elections Timeline

Candidate Campaigning: Begins Monday, Sept 22 @ noon. Ends Thursday, Oct 2 at 5pm

Candidate Application Packet Due: Monday, Sept 22 @ noon in Blanchard 327
(Petitions, personal statements, certification form)

Candidate Info Posted on Blanchard Bulletin Board: Tuesday, Sept 23 - Thursday, Oct 2

Candidate Info Posted on Web: Wednesday, Sept 24 - Thursday Oct 2

Meet the Candidates Night: Tuesday, Sept 23 at 7:30pm in Blanchard Great Room
(All candidates required to attend)

Campaigning Ends: Thursday, Oct 2 at 5pm
(Receipts and expense forms due at 12pm in Blanchard 327)

Voting: Begins Thursday, Sept 25 at 5pm. Ends Thursday, Oct 2 at 5pm

Election Results: Announced to candidates by end of day Oct 3, to community by end of day Oct 6
(Announced to candidates via email, then to community)