Prospective Candidate Information

Thank you for your interest in running for an elected position on the Student Government Association or Class Boards. This page has a step by step outline on how to become an official candidate.

  • Refer to the official requirements for the position you are interested in being elected (Class Board postitions or SGA Positions)
  • Attend an information session* held by the ACE Taskforce (See below for Spring 2014 Info Sessions).
  • Please note that there are 3 SGA Executive Board Positions availabe for CURRENT Senators ONLY: Chair of Senate, Chair of Halls, and Chair of Organizations. These are voted on by the Senate and will follow the same election timeline detailed below. Information about these positions can be found HERE. Contact the current Chair of Senate for more details.

* Students currently abroad may select a proxy to attend on their behalf. Attending an information session is required of all official candidates. 
* Students who will be going abroad in the 2014-2015 academic year are not permitted to run. The term for each available position is one full academic year

  • Ask questions! Read the official candidate packet (only given out at information sessions)
  • Submit campaign materials by the deadline
  • Actively campaign and encourage your peers to vote
  • Attend Meet the Candidates Night

Email SGA-All-Campus-Elections-g with any/all of your questions. 

Spring 2014 Information Sessions

Information Sessions
(Must attend 1)


Session 1




Tuesday, March 25




4:30pm / BLANCH 227

Session 2

Wednesday, March 26

12:30pm / BLANCH 213

Session 3

Wednesday, March 26

6:00pm / BLANCH 213

Session 4

Thursday, March 27

4:30pm / BLANCH 213

Session 5

Friday, March 28

12:30pm / BLANCH 227

Session 6

Friday, March 28

6:00pm / BLANCH 213

Session 7

Monday, March 31

4:30pm / BLANCH 227

Session 8

Tuesday, April 1

12:30pm / BLANCH 213

Session 9

Tuesday, April 1

6:00pm / BLANCH 213

Candidate Application Packet Due: Thursday, April 3. 4:30pm in Blanchard 327
(Petitions, personal statements, certification form)

Candidate Campaigning: Begins Thursday, April 3. Ends Sunday, April 13 (11:59pm)

Candidate Info Posted on Blanchard Bulletin Board: Friday, April 4-14
Candidate Info Posted on Web: Friday, April 4-14

Meet the Candidates Night: Tuesday, April 8 at 7:30pm in Blanchard Great Room
(All candidates required to attend. Those currently abroad may submit a 2-minute video)

Campaigning Ends: Monday, April 14
(Receipts and expense forms due at 12pm in Blanchard 327)

Voting: Begins Tuesday, April 8 (11:59pm). Ends Sunday, April 13 (11:59pm)

Election Results: Tuesday, April 15 at 7:30pm in Blanchard Great Room
(Announced to candidates via email, then to community)