Slavery and Abolition

Sojourner Truth (1797-1883) spent two years with the Northampton Association of Education and Industry in Northampton, MA.  This portrait of her stands as the frontispiece in Olive Gilbert's 1850 Narrative of Sojourner Truth (E185.97 .T87 Special Collections).

Selected Bibliography of Sources in the Mount Holyoke College Archives and Special Collections Relating to Slavery and Abolition

The following list identifies selected materials in Archives and Special Collections relating to slavery and abolition. Materials are grouped in these categories:

Archival and Manuscript Materials

Beecher family papers, 1822-1903 (Bulk: 1822-1865).
Papers of Lyman Beecher and several of his children consisting of correspondence, sermons, and other materials principally pertaining to family matters, women's education and theological issues.
2 boxes (5 linear in.)
MS 0509, LD 7093.37 B43 Archives
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Goodale Papers, ca. 1832-1841 (Bulk: 1838-1840).
Lucy Goodale attended Mount Holyoke from 1838-1840. Her papers contain correspondence, notebooks, and writings documenting her experience at Mount Holyoke, including references to slavery and other contemporary issues.
1 box (2.5 linear in.)
MS 0640, LD 7096.6 x1841 Archives
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Hardy papers, 1851-1858.
Josephine M. Kingsley Hardy was an 1857 graduate of Mount Holyoke. Her papers include a composition entitled "Slavery" (circa March 1855)
1 box (2.5 linear in.)
MS 0778, LD 7096.6 1857 Archives
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[Hawks], Marion [A.], Class of 1842. Letter, 20 July, 1840.
Letter from Hawks in Yanceyville, NC, to Nancy S. Everett in Wrentham, Mass. Describes her work as a teacher; comments on differences between New England and North Carolina and her feelings about slavery.
1 item (4 pages)
LD 7096.6 1842 Hawks Archives

Knowles, John Power. Letter to Stephen R. Weeden, 1837 June.
Knowles graduated Brown University in 1836.He comments on the recent meeting of the United Brothers Society, a debating society at Brown University, and on its debate about abolition in particular. He notes his own opinions in the matter and which abolitionists were present (Mrs. Lydia Childs among them).
1 item, 26 cm.
MS 0044 Archives

Mead, Hiram. Occasions for gratitude in the present national crisis : a sermon preached in the meeting-house of the First Congregational Church, of South Hadley on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 21, 1861.
[South Hadley, Mass.?] : G. Morgan Smith ... [et. al.], 1861.
21 p. , 23 cm.
LD 7082.18 Archives

Morgan, John A. Letter, Oct. 30, 1834.
Morgan was a Professor at Lane Theological Seminary in Cincinnati, Ohio until he was dismissed in 1834 for siding with students in a debate over the Seminary's position on slavery. Letter is to students remaining at the Seminary offering advice and asking them to pay his debts and dispose of his belongings.
1 item, 25 cm.
MS 0036 Archives
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Morris Papers, 1839-1841.
Letters by a member of the Mount Holyoke Class of 1841 which contains discussions of her views on the Whig party, the racial composition of South Hadley, and conversations about abolition.
3 folders
MS 0635, LD 7096.6 1841 Le Conte Archives
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Receipt for purchase of a Negro slave, Lynchburg, Virginia, 7 March 1863.
Neptune, slave. Receipt for his purchase in Lynchburg, Virginia in March 1863 by Nathan C. Taliaferro from John H. Fuqua.
1 item, 10 x 20 cm.
MS 0040 Archives
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[Welch], [Cora] Antoinette, Class of 1859. Letter, June 6, 1856.
Student at Mount Holyoke Female Seminary tells her family about her daily schedule and expresses her satisfaction with the school, despite homesickness. Also mentions a lecture about the slavery crisis in Kansas and describes an effigy of Senator Preston S. Brooks, found hanging from a tree in South Hadley. With typed transcript.
1 item (4 pages)
LD 7096.6 1859 Welch Archives

Weld, Theodore Dwight. Letter, August 13, 1834.
Letter to his brother Lewis Weld about conditions at Lane Seminary in Aug. 1834, includes comments on sickness and abolitionist activities.
1 item, 25 cm
MS 0037 Archives
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Whittier, John Greenleaf. Letter, August 11, [between 1884 and 1892].
Letter by Whittier, a writer and political consultant, to his friend and fellow writer Lucy Larcom containing general greetings concerning health, the matters of acquaintances, and travels.
1 item
MS 0007 Archives
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Adams, Charles Francis. What makes slavery a question of national concern? A lecture, delivered, by invitation, at New York, January 30, at Syracuse, February 1, 1855. Boston : Little, Brown, and Co., 1855.
E449 .A29 1855 Special Collections

American Colonization Society. Annual report of the American Colonization Society, with minutes of the annual meeting and of the Board of Directors. Washington : American Colonization Society, 1818-1910
Note: 93 volumes; library has 1818-1834,1841-2,1844-5,1849,1853-4,1866,1869,1871-3,1881-3,1886-7 in three volumes.
E 448 .A51 Special Collections

Bowditch, William I. Cass and Taylor on the slavery question. Boston : Damrell & Moore, 1848.
F83CT C27 Special Collections/ Cutter

Channing, William Ellery. Slavery. Boston : J. Munroe and company, 1835.
F83CT C36 Special Collections/ Cutter

Chapman, Maria Weston. Right and wrong in Massachusetts. Boston : Dow & Jackson's anti-slavery press, 1839.
E449 .C46 Special Collections

Child, Lydia Maria. An appeal in favor of that class of Americans called Africans. New-York : John S. Taylor, 1836.
E449 .C532 Special Collections

Child, Lydia Maria. The right way the safe way : proved by emancipation in the British West Indies, and elsewhere. New York : [s.n.], 1860.
E449 .C537 Special Collections

Child, Lydia Maria, compiled by. The patriarchal institution, as described by members of its own family. New York : American Anti-Slavery Society, 1860.
E449 .C536 Special Collections

Clarkson, Thomas. The history of the rise, progress, and accomplishment of the abolition of the African Slave-trade by the British parliament. London : Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme, 1808.
HT1162 .C6 1808 Special Collections

Gilbert, Olive. Narrative of Sojourner Truth, a northern slave, emancipated from bodily servitude by the state of New York, in 1828. Boston : Printed for the author, 1850.
E185.97 .T87 Special Collections

Grayson, William J. (William John). The hireling and the slave, Chicora, and other poems. Charleston, S. C. : McCarter & co., 1856.
F83A 9G797 Special Collections/ Cutter

Greeley, Horace. Recollections of a busy life: including reminiscences of American politics and politicians, from the opening of the Missouri contest to the downfall of slavery;… New York : J.B. Ford and co., ; Boston, H. A. Brown & co.; [c1869].
F83A 9G81 Special Collections/ Cutter

Greeley, Horace, and John F. Cleveland, compiled by. A political text-book for 1860: comprising a brief view of presidential nominations and elections including all the national platforms ever yet adopted: also a history of the struggle respecting slavery in the territories, and of the action of Congress as to the freedom of the public lands…. New York : Tribune Association, 1860.
E440 .G79 Special Collections

Grimké, Angelina Emily. Appeal to the Christian women of the South, by A. E. Grimké. [New York : American Anti-slavery Society], 1836.
E449 .G86 1836b Special Collections

Grimké, Angelina Emily. Letters to Catherine E. Beecher, in reply to An essay on slavery and abolitionism, addressed to A. E. Grimke. Rev. by The author. Boston : Printed by I. Knapp, 1838.
E449 .B419 Special Collections

Grimké, Sarah Moore. An epistle to the clergy of the southern states. [New York : s.n., 1836]
F83CT G88 Special Collections/ Cutter

Jay, William. An inquiry into the character and tendency of the American colonization, and American anti-slavery societies. New York : Leavitt, Lord & co.; Boston, Crocker & Brewster, 1835.
F83CT J33 Special Collections/ Cutter

Johnston, Harry Hamilton. The Negro in the New world. London : Methuen & co., ltd., [1910].
E29.N39 J7 Special Collections

Kemble, Fanny. Journal of a residence on a Georgian plantation in 1838-1839. New York : Harper & Brothers, 1863.
F83A 9K31j Special Collections/ Cutter

Lester, C. Edwards. Chains and freedom: or, The life and adventures of Peter Wheeler, a colored man yet living. By the author of the "Mountain wild flower." New York : E.S. Arnold & co., 1839.
F83CTB W56z Special Collections/ Cutter

Liberty or slavery; the great national question. Three prize essays on American slavery. Boston : Congregational Board of Publications, 1857.
F83CT L61 Special Collections/ Cutter

Martineau, Harriet, 1802-1876. The martyr age of the United States of America, with an appeal on behalf of the Oberlin institute in aid of the abolition of slavery. Re-published from the London and Westminster review, by the Newcastle upon Tyne emancipation and aborigines protection society. Newcastle upon Tyne : Finlay and Charlton; [etc.,etc.], 1840.
F83A 9M338m Special Collections/ Cutter

Montgomery, James. The West-Indies, by James Montgomery and other poems on the abolition of the slave-trade, by James Grahame and E. Benger. New York : Published by Prior & Dunning, 1810.
YG M76w 1810 Special Collections/ Cutter

Olmsted, Frederick Law. The cotton kingdom: a traveler's observations on cotton and slavery in the American slave states. New York : Mason brothers,1862 [c1861].
F213 .O53 vol. 1-2 Special Collections

Parsons, Charles Grandison. An inside view of slavery; or, A tour among the planters. Introductory note by Mrs. H.B. Stowe. Boston : J.P. Jewett and company ; Cleveland, O., Jewett, Proctor and Worthington, 1855.
E449 .P26 1855 Special Collections

Providence Society for Abolishing the Slave-Trade. Constitution of a society for abolishing the slave-trade. With several acts of the legislatures of the states of Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island, for that purpose. Providence : Printed by J. Carter, 1789.
F83A 9P95 Special Collections/ Cutter

Reese, David Meredith. Humbugs of New-York: being a remonstrance against popular delusion; whether in science, philosophy, or religion. New-York : J.S. Taylor; Boston, Weeks, Jordan & co., 1838
Contents: Introductory observations.--Animal magnetism.--Phrenology.-- Homoeopathia.--Quackery in general.--Ultra-temperance.--Ultra-abolitionism.--Ultra-protestantism.--Ultra-sectarianism.
AZ999 .R4 Special Collections

Reese, David Meredith. Letters to the Hon. William Jay, being a reply to his "Inquiry into the American Colonization and American anti-slavery societies." New-York : Leavitt, Lord & Co.; Boston, Crocker & Brewster, 1835.
F83CT R25 Special Collections/ Cutter

Serle, Ambrose. Americans against liberty: or, An essay on the nature and principles of true freedom, shewing that the designs and conduct of the Americans tend only to tyranny and slavery. London : Sold by J. Mathews, 1775.
F83A 9Se6 Special Collections/ Cutter

Slavery rhymes : addressed to the friends of liberty throughout the United States by a looker on. New York : John S. Taylor, 1837.
PS991.A6 L65 1837 Min. Special Collections

Stowe, Harriet Beecher. Dred : a tale of the great Dismal Swamp. Boston : Phillips, Sampson, 1856.
PS2954 .D7 1856 Special Collections

Stowe, Harriet Beecher. A key to Uncle Tom's cabin; presenting the original facts and documents upon which the story is founded. Together with corroborative statements verifying the truth of the work. Boston : J.P. Jewett; Cleveland, Ohio., Jewett, Proctor & Worthington, 1853.
E449 .S8959 Special Collections

Stowe, Harriet Beecher. Uncle Tom's cabin; or, Life among the lowly. Boston : J. P. Jewett; Cleveland, Jewett, Proctor & Worthington, 1852 [c1851].
PS2954 .U5 1852 Special Collections

Sumner, Charles. Last three speeches on Kansas and freedom. Feb. 7th, March 6th, and May 19th & 20th, 1856. Boston : Higgins and Bradley, 1856.
F83CT Su6 Special Collections/ Cutter

Thoreau, Henry David. A Yankee in Canada, with Anti-slavery and reform papers. Boston : Ticknor and Fields, 1866.
F1052 .T47 1866 Special Collections

Woolman, John, 1720-1772. Some considerations on the keeping of Negroes. Northampton, [Mass.]: Gehenna Press, 1970 (reprint; originally published 1754).
HT871 .W6 1970 Special Collections

Wright, Joseph A. Remarks of Joseph A. Wright, of Indiana, on the right of petition, delivered in the House of Representatives, January 27, 1844. [Washington D.C. : s.n., 1844]
KF4780 .W74 1844 Special Collections