Americana Collection

In the 1930s Tracy W. McGregor, a book collector, worked with the American Historical Association to provide libraries of several undergraduate colleges with research material. His generous donation has become the largest thematic group among Mount Holyoke College's rare books collections. The bookplate for the collection features the image of a Native American, taken from John White's Virginia delineata.

Consisting of primary sources for the history of North America from ca. 1730 to ca. 1820, the Americana Collection is particularly rich in books related to the American Revolution documenting the opinions of writers in the Colonies, in Great Britain and, to a lesser extent, writers in France.

A more limited number of works document the history of North America prior to 1730 including the diversity of Native American cultures at the time of contact with the expanding European civilization.

A selected bibliography of books from the Mount Holyoke College Americana Collection and related sites is available.