Botany and Medicine Bibliography

Bock, Hieronymus, 1498-1554.
Hieronymi Tragi De stirpivm, maxime earvm, qvae in Germania nostra nascvntvr, usitatis nomenclaturis, proprijsque differentijs, necque non temperaturis ac facultatibus, commentariorum libri tres / germanica primum lingua conscripti, nunc in Latinam conuersi, interprete Davide Kybero, Argentinensi ; his accesservnt a fronte praefationes dvae: altera D. Conradi Gesneri ... rei herbariae scriptorum, qui in hunc usque diem scripserunt, catalogum complectens: altera ipsius authoris, herbariae cognitionis laudes, & alia nonnulla scitu tum necessaria, tum iucundissima continens... Argentorati : excudebat V. Rihelius, 1552.

Clusius, Carolus, 1526-1609.
Caroli Clvsi Atrebatis ... Rariorvm plantarvm historia... Antverpiæ : ex officina Plantiniana apud Ioannem Moretum, 1601

Conservandae bonae valetudinis praecepta longe saluberrima, regi Angliae quondam a doctoribus scholae Salernitanae versibus conscripta: nunc demum integritati, atque nitori suo restituta / cum ... Arnoldi Villanovani ... in singula capita exegesi ; per Joannem Curionem Berckensem ... nunc denuo, recognita & repurgata... Lugduni : Apud Joannem Lertout, 1577.

Evelyn, John, 1620-1706.
Sylva, or, A discourse of forest-trees and the propagation of timber in His Majesties dominions : as it was deliver'd in the Royal Society the XVth of October, MDCLXII ... Terra, a philosophical essay of earth, being a lecture in course : to which is annexed Pomona, or, An appendix concerning fruit-trees in relation to cider, the making and several ways of ordering it, ... : also, Kalendarium hortense, or, The gard'ners almanac, directing what he is to do monthly throughout the year / by John Evelyn, Esq. Third edition much inlarged, and improved. London : Printed for John Martyn, printer to the Royal Society... , MDCLXXIX.

Fuchs, Leonhart, 1501-1566.
Den nieuwen herbarius : dat is, dboeck vanden cruyden int welcke met groote neersticheyt bescreuen is niet alleen die gantse historie dat is die namen tfaetsoen natuere cracht ende operatie van meesten deel de cruyden die hier ende in ander landen wassende ... / door Leonhaert Fucha. Met drij tafeln oft registers. Basel : Michiel Isingrin, 1543.

Gerard, John, 1545-1612.
The herball, or, General historie of plantes / very much enlarged and amended by Thomas Johnson. London : Printed by A. Islip, J. Norton and R. Whitakers, 1636.
A late edition of his Herball, which was first published in 1597. The errors in the original work were corrected by Johnson.

Graaf, Reinier de, 1641-1673.
De succo pancreatico, or, A physical and anatomical treatise of the nature and office of the pancreatick juice : shewing its generation in the body, what diseases arise by its vitiation : from whence in particular, by plain and familiar examples, is accurately demonstrated, the causes and cures of agues, or intermitting feavers, hitherto so difficult and uncertain, with sundry other things of worthy note / written by D. Reg. de Graaf ... ; and translated by Christopher Pack ... London : Printed for N. Brook at the Angel in Cornhil near the Royal Exchange, 1676.

Grew, Nehemiah, 1641-1712.
The anatomy of plants ; with an idea of a philosophical history of plants, and several other lectures, read before the Royal Society / by Nehemiah Grew Publisher. [London] : Printed by W. Rawlins, for the author, 1682.

Harvey, William, 1578-1657.
The anatomical exercises / of Dr. William Harvey ... concerning the motion of the heart and blood ; the preface of Zachariah Wood ... to which is added Dr. James de Back, his Discourse of the heart... London : R. Lowndes and M. Gilliflower, 1673.

L'Obel, Matthias de, 1538-1616.
Kruydtboeck, oft, Beschryuinghe van allerleye ghewassen, kruyderen, hesteren, ende gheboomten. t'Antwerpen, By Christoffel Plantyn, 1581.
Dutch translation of his Stiripium adversaria nova, which was first published in 1570.

Malpighi, Marcello, 1628-1694.
Marceli Malpighii ... opera posthuma : in quibus .. authoris vita continetur ... / supplementa necessaria, & praefationem addidit innumeris que in locis emendavit Petrus Regis... Editio ultima... Amstelodami : apud Georgium Gallet, 1698.