Double Elephant Press

Kuch, Michael.
Amour & armor. 1996.
Copper plates printed by the artist, lithographs run by Herb Fox; letterpress by Art Larson; bound by Shoshannah Wineberg at Three Bear Trap Bindery.

Kuch, Michael.
Apocalypse clocks. 2000.
"Sixty copies were produced; the first thirteen volumes comprise a deluxe-edition, the last four are hors commerce for the conspirators, Michael Kuch drew, bit & printed the copper plates & composed the poetry. Art Larson printed the text letterpress. The sixteen point van Dijck was cast by M & H Type. The paper was made by hand for this undertaking at Papeterie St-Armand in Montreal. Shoshannah Wineburg bound the edition in a timely fashion." Library has copy no. 27.

Kuch, Michael.
A plague on your house : a eulogy & necrological etchings of the frog. 1994.
The first book produced by Kuch's Double Elephant Press. "The etchings were printed from the copperplates by the artist ... [bound] by Shoshannah Wineberg ... at her Three Bear Trap Bindery in Northampton, Massachusetts. The letterpress was the work of Arthur Larson & his Horton Tank engine in Hadley, Massachusetts. The type ... was cast by Dan Carr & Julia Ferrari." Copy 56 of 60.

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