Native Americans of North America

Ruth Muskrat Bronson (1897-1982) graduated from Mount Holyoke College in 1925.  This photograph was taken on December 13, 1923 when she was invited to the White House by  President Calvin Coolidge as a representative of the Cherokee tribe.

Selected bibliography of sources in the Mount Holyoke College archives and special collections relating to Native Americans

The following list identifies selected materials in Archives and Special Collections relating to Native Americans of North America. Materials are grouped in these categories:

Materials from Archives and Manuscript Collections
Banister, Zilpah P. Grant (Zilpah Polly Grant), 1794-1874. Papers, 1803-1874.
2 boxes (0.625 linear ft.)
Chiefly letters by and to Banister, 1822-1874, relating to her work as a teacher and to the activities of family members, former students and friends, including Mary Lyon, Catharine Beecher, Joseph Emerson and Cynthia Farrar. Include letters by Maria B. Brooks, Richard Fields, William Potter, Sophia Sawyer, and William H. Williams relating to missionary work with the Cherokees. Also includes autobiographical sketches and other writings, biographical materials, a portrait and photographs.
Correspondence and writings in this collection are available online
MH Archives: MS 0506 (LD7093.37 .B33)
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Buckland Female School Records, 1826-1830
1 box (0.42 linear ft.)
Records contain compositions, philosophical questions, handwriting exercises, catalogs, and lists of students from the school in Buckland, Massachusetts, where Mary Lyon served as principal and teacher. Includes a composition by Nancy M. Parsons (February 27, 1830) concerning the “Present crisis of the American Indians.”
MH Archives: MS 0512 (LD 7093.38 B8)
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Cherokee National Female Seminary Collection, circa 1850-present
2 boxes (0.42 linear ft.)
Correspondence, historical sketches, notes, and publications relating to a school established in 1851 in the Oklahoma Territory Correspondence, historical sketches, notes, and publications relating to a school established in 1851 in the Oklahoma Territory by and for Cherokees. Mount Holyoke alumnae Sarah Worcester (Class of 1850) and Ellen Whitmore (x-Class of 1851) were the first principals and teachers at the school. Other alumnae who served as principals were
MH Archives: RG 39 (LD 7093.9)

Ferry, Amanda White. Extracts from letters and diaries, 1823-1833.
Typed transcript, 6 pp.
Describe her journey to Michigan Territory via the Erie Canal and life on Mackinac Island as the wife of a missionary and minister. Includes descriptions of Native Americans on the island.
MH Archives: RG 8 (LD 7084.8 White)

Gorham, Esther M. Letter, Feb[ruary] 14 and 19, 1849, South Hadley, MA. to George W. Gorham, New Haven, CT.
ALS 4 pp.
Student at Mount Holyoke Female Seminary tells her brother about news the school has received from alumnae missionaries to the Choctaw Indians.
MH Archives: RG 27.1 (LD 7096.6 x1852 Gorham)

Hitchcock, Jacob. Letter, [July 1845?], Kidron, C[herokee] N[ation], to Mary Lyon, South Hadley, MA.
ALS, 3 pp.
Addressed to students at Mount Holyoke Female Seminary, stressing the powerful influence of the school in spreading the Christian religion to Native Americans and others.
Available online
MH Archives: RG 27.1 (LD 7096.6 x1846 Hitchcock)

Mount Holyoke College. Alumnae Biographical Files, circa 1831-present.
1, 819 boxes (639.758 linear ft.)
Include files containing biographical information about and photographs of Native American alumnae Ruth Muskrat (Class of 1925), Vera L. Nori (Class of 1932), and Charlotte A. Owl (x-Class of 1936).
MH Archives: RG 27.1 (LD 7096.6)
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Mount Holyoke College. Committee on Scholarships. Records, circa 1912-1963.
2 folders (0.17 linear ft.)
Consist of correspondence, lists, printed material, and financial records. Include correspondence concerning s scholarship established in 1932 for Native American students at Mount Holyoke College.
MH Archives: RG 16.3.070 (LD 7092.2 Sub-group 5)

Mount Holyoke College Faculty and Staff Biographical Files, circa 1837-present.
349 boxes, 15 oversize folders (144.41 linear ft.)
Include biographical information about and photographs of Evelyn M. Yellowrobe, a Native American graduate of Mount Holyoke College (Class of 1942) who worked for the Speech Department in the spring of 1943.
MH Archives: RG 19 (LD 7092.8 Yellowrobe)
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Mount Holyoke College Missionaries Collection, circa 1841-present.
16 boxes (6 linear ft).
Consists of books, articles, and other publications, unpublished papers, correspondence, notes, lists, biographical data sheets, records of financial contributions, words and music for a song entitled "The Missionary Call", an autograph album, a photograph album, and photographs. Materials concern the work of missionaries (particularly Mount Holyoke College alumnae) in Africa, China, Hawaii, India, Japan, Turkey, the United States, and elsewhere, circa 1841-present. Includes information about their work with Native Americans and African Americans and schools founded by missionaries.
MH Archives: RG 29 (LD 7093.8 M5)
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Mount Holyoke College. Student and Alumnae Profiles and Statistics Collection. Native American Students and Alumnae
1 folder (0.08 linear ft.)
Consists of lists of some of the Native Americans known to have attended Mount Holyoke. Further information about these women is available in Alumnae Biographical Files (RG 27.1).
MH Archives: RG 23.4 (LD 7093.8 N3)
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Nichols, Harriet S. Letter, May 30, 1853, Belle Prairie, Minn[esota].
Typed transcript, 2 pp.
Transcript of a letter written by a Mount Holyoke alumna describing her work at the Belle Prairie Seminary school for Ojibwa Indian and half-breed children.
MH Archives: RG 27.1 (LD 7096.6 x1853 Nichols)

Williams, Caroline. Papers, 1848-1849.
MsS., Typ, 4 items.
Includes a diary kept by Williams, a Mount Holyoke Female Seminary student, that mentions a visit to the school by missionaries to the Choctaw Indians.
MH Archives: RG 27.1 (LD 7096.6 x1851 Williams)

Special Collections Materials (books) 16th Century
Hariot, Thomas, 1560-1621. A brief and true report of the new found land of Virginia, by Thomas Hariot; a facsimile reproduction of the 1588 quarto, with an introductory essay by Randolph G. Adams, director of the William L. Clements Library.. Ann Arbor :Edwards Bros., 1931.
3 l., ix p., facsim. ([48] p. illus. (coat of arms)) 1 l. 26 cm.
MH Special Collections: Cutter F83A +9H22

Special Collections Materials (books) 17th Century
Smith, John, 1580-1631. The general historie of Virginia, New-England, and the Summer Isles; with the names of the adventurers, planters, and governors from their first beginning ano: 1584 to this present 1624. With the proceedings of those several colonies and the accidents that befell them in all their journeys and discoveries. Also the maps and descriptions of all those countries, their commodities, people, government, customs, and religion yet known. Divided into sixe bookes. . . . . London: Printed by I.D. and I.H. for Michael Sparkes, 1624. [Cleveland: World Publishing Co., 1966]
96, 105-248 p. illus., map, ports. 34 cm.
MH Special Collections: Folio F229 .S612

Special Collections Materials (books) 18th Century
Alvarez, Francisco, Asturian. Noticia del establecimiento y poblacion de las colonias inglesas en la America Septentrional; religion, orden de gobierno, leyes y costumbres de sus naturales y habitantes; calidades de su clima, terreno, frutos, plantas y animales; y estado de su industria, artes, comercio y navegación. Madrid: Enla oficina de Antonio Fernandez, 1778.
196 p. 21 cm.
Partial Contents: Origen de la colonias Inglesas en la América -- Descripcion geografica de la Virginia -- Del Mariland -- De la Nueva Inglaterra -- De la Nueva York -- De la Nueva Jersey -- De la Pensilvania -- De la Carolina -- De la Georgia -- Del Canadá -- La Florida -- Descripcion geografica del Canadá -- Costumbres y religion de los Indios que habitan los países, de que llevamos hecha descripcion -- Plantas particulares del país que habitan los Ingleses en la América Septentrional -- Noticia del numero de navios Ingleses, y marineros, que empleaba la Gran Bretaña à sus Colonias, con el valor de los efectos que introducia, y sacaba de ellas.
MH Special Collections E188 A47 1778

Beverley, Robert, ca. 1673-1722. The history and present state of Virginia, in four parts. I. The history of the first settlement of Virginia, and the government thereof, to the present time. II. The natural productions and conveniences of the country, suited to trade and improvement. III. The native Indians, their religion, laws, and customs, in war and peace. IV. The present state of the country, as to the polity of the government, and the improvements of the land. By a native and inhabitant of the place. . . . .London: Printed for R. Parker, MDCCV [1705]
[12], 104, 40, 64, 83, 16, [4] p. front., 14 pl., fold. tab. 18 cm.
MH Special Collections: Cutter F83A 9B46

Carver, Jonathan, 1710-1780. Travels through the interior parts of North-America, in the years 1766, 1767, and 1768. Dublin: Printed for S. Price [etc.], 1779
10p. l. xiii, [15]-508 p. front. (fold. map) 2 pl. 22 cm.
Note(s): 1st Dublin ed. Howes U. S.-iana 215. Carver’s Travels as printed was probably the work of Dr. John Coakley Lettsom. "A short vocabulary of the Chipeway language": p. 393-404. "A short vocabulary of the Naudowessie language": p. 405-411.
MH Special Collections: Cutter F83A 9C25

Charlevoix, Pierre-François-Xavier de, 1682-1761. Letters to the Dutchess of Lesdiguières; giving an account of a voyage to Canada, and travels through that vast country, and Louisiana, to the Gulf of Mexico. Undertaken by order of the present king of France. London: Printed for R. Goadby [etc.], 1763.
xiv, [2], 384 p. front. (fold. map) 20 cm.
Note(s): Not the same translation as "Journal of a voyage to North-America", 1761, and lacking the Preliminary discourse and letter I, there given.
MH Special Collections: Cutter F83A 9C38

Edwards, Jonathan, 1703-1758. An account of the late Reverend Mr. David Brainerd, minister of the gospel, missionary to the Indians, from the honorable Society in Scotland, for the propagation of Christian knowledge, and pastor of a church of Christian Indians in New-Jersey. Who died at Northampton in New-England, Octob. 9th 1747. in the 30th year of his age: chiefly taken from his own diary, and other private writings. Boston, N. E.: Printed for and sold by D. Henchman, 1749.
1 p. l., xii, [18], 316 p. 21 cm.
MH Special Collections: Cutter F83A 9Ed9

Imlay, Gilbert, 1754?-1828? A topographical description of the western territory of North America . . . .2d ed., with considerable additions. London: Printed for J. Debrett, MDCCXCIII [1793]
[4], xvi, 17 (i.e. 433), [23] p., [4] folded leaves of plates: 3 maps, 1 table ; 22 cm.
Note(s): Page 433 misnumbered 17. "The discovery, settlement, and present state of Kentucky: and an essay towards the topography and natural history of that important country: to which is added, I. The adventures of Col. Daniel Boon [sic] ... II. The minutes of the Piankashaw Council, held at Post St. Vincents, April 15, 1784. III. An account of the Indian nations inhabiting within the limits of the thirteen United States / by John Filson" (p. [269]-415) has special title page. "Report of the Secretary of State, to the President of the United States, of the quantity and situation of the lands not claimed by the Indians nor granted to, nor claimed by any citizens, within the territory of the United States ... Nov. 10, 1791": p. [417]-[433]. Maps engraved by Thomas Conder. "New publications, printed for J. Debrett"--final [2] p.
MH Special Collections: F352 I325

Lahontan, Louis Armand de Lom d'Arce, baron de, 1666-1715? New voyages to North-America. Containing an account of the several nations of that vast continent ... the several attempts of the English and French to dispossess one another ... and the various adventures between the French, and the Iroquese confederates of England, from 1683 to 1694. A geographical description of Canada ... with remarks upon their government, and the interest of the English and French in their commerce. Also a dialogue between the author and a general of the savages ... with an account of the author's retreat to Portugal and Denmark ... to which is added, a dictionary of the Algonkine language, which is generally spoke in North America. London: Printed for H. Bonwicke, T. Goodwin, M. Wotton, B. Tooke; and S. Manship,1703.
2 v. in 1 front., plates (part fold.) maps (part fold.) 20 cm.
Note(s): Vol. 2 has title: New voyages to North-America. Giving a full account of the customs, commerce, religion, and strange opinions of the savages of that country. With political remarks upon the courts of Portugal and Denmark, and the present state of commerce of those countries.
MH Special Collections: Cutter F83A 9L139

Rogers, Robert, 1731-1795. A concise account of North America: containing a description of the several British colonies on that continent .... To which is subjoined, an account of the several nations and tribes of Indians residing in those parts, as to their customs, matters, government, numbers, &c. London: Printed for the author, and sold by J. Millan,1765.
vii, [1], 264 p. 21 cm.
MH Special Collections: Cutter F83A 9R63

Stuart, John Ferdinand Smyth, 1745-1814. A tour of the United States of America, containing an account of the present situation of that country . . . . With a description of the Indian nations . . . . London: Printed for G. Robinson... J. Robson... and J. Sewell, 1784.
2 v. ; 22 cm.
MH Special Collections: Cutter F83A 9Sm97

Wood, William, f. 1629-1635. New England’s prospect. Being a true, lively, and experimental description of that part of America, commonly called New England. The third edition. London, printed 1639;Boston, New England:Reprinted, by Thomas and John Fleet ...1764.
xviii, 128 p. 21 cm.
Note(s): Preface to the edition of 1764, supposed to be by Nathaniel Rogers: p. i-xviii; Indian vocabulary: p. 123-128.
MH Special Collections: Cutter ; F83A 9W85n

Special Collections Materials (books) 19th Century
Allen, A.J., Miss. Ten years in Oregon. Travels and adventures of Doctor E. White and lady, west of the Rocky mountains . . . containing also a brief history of the missions and settlement of the country – origin of the provisional government – number and customs of the Indians. . . . Ithaca, N. Y.: Mack, Andrus, & Co., printers, 1848.
xvi, [17]-399 p., incl. front. (2 ports.) 21 cm.
MH Special Collections: Cutter F83A 9W582t

American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions. Maps and illustrations of the missions of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, 1843. [Boston?: The Board?, 1843?]
28 leaves ; chiefly ill., maps ; 23 cm.
MH Special Collections: BV2416.A6 A64 1843

Anderson, Rufus, 1796-1880. Memoir of Catharine Brown, a Christian Indian of the Cherokee nation. Philadelphia: American Sunday School Union, 1832.
vii, 9-138, 4 p. incl. ill., pl. front. 14 cm.
Note(s): First edition, Boston, 1825.
MH Special Collections: Cutter F83A 9B81 Min.

Brackenridge, H.M. (Henry Marie), 1786-1871. Views of Louisiana, together with a Journal of a voyage up the Missouri River, in 1811. Pittsburgh: Printed and published by Cramer, Spear and Eichbaum, Franklin Head Office, 1814.
304 p. 22 cm.
MH Special Collections: Cutter F83A 9B725

Bradbury, John, b. 1768. Travels in the interior of America, in the years 1809, 1810, and 1811
. . . . Liverpool: Printed for the author, by Smith and Galway, and published by Sherwood, Neely, and Jones, London, 1817.
xii, [1], 10-364 p. ; 23 cm.
Note(s): Appendix: Vocabulary of some words in the Osage language -- Oration delivered by the Big Elk, the chief of the Maha nation, over the grave of the Black Buffaloe, chief of the Tetons ... 14th July, 1813 -- Narrative of the expedition of Mr. Hunt [by Ramsay Crooks] extracted from the Missouri gazette -- Description of the Missouri Territory -- Remarks on the states of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana, with the Illinois and western territory, and on the emigrations to those countries -- Catalogue of some of the more rare or valuable plants discovered in the neighborhood of St. Louis and on the Missouri -- Observations on the nature of animalcules, and principles of vegetable physiology [by John Bywater].
Local Note: MH/RARE BOOKS: Errata slip follows p. viii.
MH Special Collections: Cutter F83A 9B71

Brown, Samuel R., 1775-1817. The western gazetteer, or emigrant’s directory, containing a geographical description of the western states and territories . . . . With an Appendix, containing . . . a description of the great northern lakes, Indian annuities, and directions to emigrants. Auburn, N.Y.: Printed by H.C. Southwick, 1817.
vi, [7]-360 p. 22 cm.
MH Special Collections: F353 B87 1817

Buckner, H.F. (Henry Frieland), 1818-1882. A grammar of the Maskoke, or Creek language to which are prefixed lessons in spelling, reading, and defining. Marion, Ala. : The Domestic and Indian Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention,1860.
138 p. 19 cm.
MH Special Collections: PM991.1 B8 1860

Caitlin, George, 1796-1872. Letters and notes on the manners, customs, and conditions of the North American Indians. New-York: Wiley and Putnam, 1841.
2 v. front., plates, maps (1 fold.) 26 cm.
MH Special Collections: Cutter F80A +C28

Cherokee advocate. Tahlequah, Cherokee Nation [Okla. :s.n.,]
2 v. : ill. 52 cm. Publication Dates Vol. 1, no. 1-v. 2 no. 52; Sept. 26, 1844-Sept. 24, 1846.
Language Note: English and Cherokee (in Cherokee syllabary)
MH Special Collections: Newspaper

Delano, Alonzo, 1806-1874. Life on the plains and among the diggings, being scenes and adventures of an overland journey to California, with particular incidents of the route, mistakes and sufferings of the emigrants, the Indian tribes, the present and the future of the great West. Auburn and Buffalo: Milner, Orton & Mulligan, 1854.
xi, [13]-384 p. front., plates. 19 cm.
MH Special Collections: Cutter F83A 9D374

Dyer, D. B., Mrs. "Fort Reno"; or, Picturesque "Cheyenne and Arrapahoe army life," before the opening of "Oklahoma" New York: G. W. Dillingham,1896.
216 p. front., plates. 19 cm.
MH Special Collections: Cutter F83A 9D988

Farnham, Thomas Jefferson, 1804-1848. Travels in the great western prairies, the Anahuac and Rocky mountains, and in the Oregon territory. [n.p.], [1843]
Note(s): "Entered according to an Act of Congress in the year of our Lord 1843 by Thomas J. Farnham in the clerk’s office of the Southern District of New York."
Local Note MH/RARE BKS: lacking t.p.
MH Special Collections: Cutter ; F83A 9F234

Frost, John, 1800-1859. Indian wars in the United States, from the earliest period to the present time. Auburn: Derby and Miller; Buffalo, Derby, Orton and Mulligan, 1853.
300 p. incl. illus., plates, port. col. front. 23 cm.
Note(s): Added t.-p., engraved, in colors, with imprint: Auburn, Derby & Miller, 1852. At head of title: Seventh thousand. Bound With Note With this is bound: S.G. Drake’s Indian captivities; or, Life in the wigwam, Auburn, Buffalo, 1853. Original binding lettered: Pictorial history of Indian wars and captivities in the United States. Frost & Drake. Incomplete Contents The Seven Years’ War -- The Northwestern war of 1812-13 -- Captivity of John Ortiz (1528) -- Mrs. Rowlandson’s captivity (1676) -- Nehemiah How’s captivity (1745) -- Alexander Henry’s captivity (1763).
Local Note: MH/RARE BKS: copy imperfect: t.p.’s, p. 159-60 missing.
MH Special Collections E81 .F943

Grant, Anne MacVicar, 1755-1838. Memoire of an American lady: with sketches of manners and scenery in America, as they existed previous to the revolution. 2d ed. London: Printed for Longman, Hurst, Rees and Orme [etc.], 1809.
2 v. 18 cm.
MH Special Collections: Cutter F83A 9G767

Gregg, Josiah, 1806-1850. Commerce of the prairies: or, The journal of a Santa Fé trader, during eight expeditions across the great western prairies, and a residence of nearly nine years in northern Mexico... New York: H.G. Langley; London: Wiley and Putnam, 1844.
2 v. : ill., maps ; 19 cm.
MH Special Collections: Cutter F83A 9G862

Hodgson, Adam. Letters from North America, written during a tour in the United States and Canada ..London, [etc.]: Hurst, Robinson, & Co., 1824.
2 v. front., illus., fold. map. 23 cm.
Note(s): Reissue, in part, of the author’s Remarks during a journey through North America. New York, 1823.
MH Special Collections: CutterG83 5H6

James, Edwin, 1797-1861. Account of an expedition from Pittsburgh to the Rocky mountains, performed in the years 1819 and '20, by order of the Hon. J.C. Calhoun, sec'y of war: under the command of Major Stephen H. Long. Philadelphia : H.C. Carey and I. Lea, 1822-23.
2 v. 23 cm. and atlas of 4 p., 9 plates (1 double) 2 double maps. 30 x 26 cm.
Note(s): Atlas dated 1822. "Vocabularies of Indian languages": v. 2, p. [lxix]-lxxxviii.
MH Special Collections: Cutter F83A +9J232

Johnson, Mrs. (Susannah Willard), 1730-1810. A narrative of the captivity of Mrs. Johnson. Containing an account of her sufferings, during four years, with the Indians and French. 3d ed., corr., and considerably enl. Windsor, Vt. : Printed by T.M. Pomroy, 1814.
178 p. 17 cm.
Note(s): "Part of the following pages were dictated by Mrs. Johnson, now Mrs. Hastings, herself, and part were taken from minutes made by Mr. Johnson and herself, during their imprisonment."--p. 2. Mrs. Johnson and her companions were taken prisoners at "No. 4," now Charlestown, N.H., in a raid of Indians from St. Francis, Canada, in Aug. 1754.
MH Special Collections: Cutter F80V H27

Kercheval, Samuel, 1786-1845? A history of the valley of Virginia. 2d ed., rev. and extended by the author. Woodstock, Va. :J. Gatewood, printer, 1850.
xxviii, [29]-347 p. 23 cm.
Note(s): First edition published 1833. "The beginning, progress and conclusion of Bacon’s rebellion", by T.M.: p. xiii-xxviii. "Notes on the settlement and Indian wars of the Western parts of Virginia and Pennsylvania ..." by Joseph Doddridge: p. 99-105, [164]-263. "Rev. Mr. Jacob’s account of Dunmore’s war" from his biographical sketch of the life of ... Cresap: p. 105-124. "Report of C. J. Faulkner, relative to the boundary line between Virginia and Maryland": p. 142-152.
MH Special Collections: Cutter F83A 9K453

McKenney, Thomas Loraine, 1785-1859. Memoirs, official and personal: with sketches of travels among the northern and southern Indians: embracing a war excursion, and descriptions of scenes along the western borders. New York: Paine and Burgess, 1846.
2 v. in 1. : ill., facsim., ports. (1 col.) ; 23 cm.
Note(s): Vol. 2 has title: On the origin, history, character, and the wrongs and rights of the Indians.
MH Special Collections: Cutter F83A 9M19

Nakcokv esyvhiketv = Muskokee hymns / collected and revised by R.M. Loughridge and David Winslett, interpreter. 3rd ed., rev. and enl. New York: Mission House, 1859.
216 p. ; 14 cm.
MH Special Collections: BV510.C7 N3 1859 Min.

Riggs, Mary Ann Clark Longley, 1813-1869. A small bit of bread and butter: letters from the Dakota territory, 1832-1869 / edited by Maida Leonard Riggs. South Deerfield, Mass. : Ash Grove Press, c1996.
xi, 284 p. : ill. ; 22 cm.
Note(s): Includes index. Contents: Amherst to Ipswich to Bethlehem -- Journey to the Northwest Territory -- Lac qui Parle Mission -- Mission at Traverse des Sioux -- Return to Lac qui Parle -- Hazelwood -- After the Sioux Uprising.
Mary Ann Clark Longley (later Riggs) was one of Mary Lyon’s pupils at the Buckland (Massachusetts) Female School.
MH Archives: RG 27.1 (LD7096.6 x1891 Riggs)

Ross, Alexander, 1783-1856. Ross's Adventures of the first settlers on the Oregon or Columbia River, 1810-1813. Cleveland, O. : A. H. Clark,1904.
332 p. incl. fold. map. 25 cm.
Notes: Reprint, including facsimile of t.-p. of original London edition of 1849. Bibliography "Chinook vocabulary": p. [321]-329.
MH Special Collections: Cutter F83A +9R73a

Schoolcraft, Henry Rowe, 1793-1864. Historical and statistical information respecting the history, condition, and prospects of the Indian tribes of the United States. Collected and prepared under the direction of the Bureau of Indian Affairs per act of Congress of March 3rd, 1847. Illustrated by S. Eastman. Philadelphia, Lippincott, Grambo, 1851-57
[New York: Paladin Press, reprinted, 1969]
6 v. illus. (part col.), maps (part fold., part col.), ports. 31 cm
MH Special Collections: E77 S383

Seaver, James E. (James Everett), 1787-1827. Deh-he-wa-mis; or, A narrative of the life of Mary Jemison: otherwise called the White woman, who was taken captive by the Indians in MDCCLV; and who continued with them seventy eight years. Containing an account of the murder of her father and his family; her marriages and sufferings; Indian barbarities, customs and traditions. Carefully taken from her own words. By James E. Seaver. Also, the life of Hiokatoo and Ebenezer Allen; and historical sketches of the Six Nations, the Genesee Country, and other interesting facts connected with the narrative: by Ebenezer Mix. Devon: S. Thorne; London, W. Tegg, 1847.
xii, [13]-184 p. 16 cm.
MH Special Collection: Cutter F80V Se19

Smet, Pierre-Jean de, 1801-1873. Letters and sketches, with a narrative of a year's residence among the Indian tribes of the Rocky mountains. Philadelphia: M. Fithian,1843.
244 p. plates (1 fold.) 20 cm.
MH Special Collections: Cutter F83A 9Sm39

Smith, William Henry, 1833-1896. The St. Clair papers: the life and public services of Arthur St. Clair: soldier of the Revolutionary War, president of the Continental Congress; and governor of the North-western territory: with his correspondence and other papers / arranged and annotated by William Henry Smith. Cincinnati: R. Clarke, 1882.
2 v. : ill., ports., folded map ; 24 cm.
MH Special Collections: Cutter F83A 9Sa22

Tuttle, Sarah. Letters and conversations on the Cherokee mission. Boston: Printed by T.R. Marvin, for the Massachusetts Sabbath School Union, 1830.
2 v. in 1. 15 cm.
MH Special Collections ; E99.C5 T96 Min.

United States. Supreme Court. Opinion of the Supreme Court of the United States, at January term, 1832 delivered by Mr. Chief Justice Marshall, in the case of Samuel A. Worcester, plaintiff in error, versus the state of Georgia. With a statement of the case extracted from the records of the Supreme Court of the United States. Printed from authenticated copies. Washington: Printed by Gales and Seaton,1832.
20 p. 23 cm.
MH Special Collections: Cutter F80W Un3

Williams, John Lee, 1775-1856. The territory of Florida, or, Sketches of the topography, civil and natural history, of the country, the climate, and the Indian tribes: from the first discovery to the present time, with a map, views, etc. New York: A.T. Goodrich, 1839.
300 p. : ill., folded map ; 22 cm.
MH Special Collections: Cutter F83A 9W673

Special Collections Materials (books) 20th Century
Sanford, David A. Indian topics; or, Experiences in Indian missions with selections from various sources. New York City: Broadway publishing co., [c1911]
108 p. illus., plates. 20 cm.
MH Special Collections: E77 .S22 1911

Williams, Meade C. The early Protestant mission on Mackinac Island. 2nd ed. St. Louis, Mo.? : M.C. Williams?, 1906?] 15 p. ; 16 cm.
Note(s): Caption title: Old Mission Church of Mackinac Island"--Cover. Bibliography Includes bibliographical references.
MH Archives: RG 8 (LD7084.8 White)