College Records by Record Group (RG)

RG 1: Mount Holyoke College Five College Cooperation Collection

RG 2: Origins and Governance

RG 3: Board of Trustees

RG 4: Office of the President

Office of the President Records concerns the lives of those who have served as the head of Mount Holyoke College, and events and issues during the administrations of several of these individuals. These materials are divided into three groups: Reports, Biographical Files, and Administrative Records. 

.01 Principals and Presidents Reports, 1867-1985 (no reports are on file for 1888-1890, 1899, 1900/1901-1901/1902) 
.02 Principals and Presidents Biographical Files(circa 1875-present)
.03 Roswell Gray Ham, 1937-1957
.04 Richard Glenn Gettell, 1957-1968
.05 Meribeth E. Cameron, Acting President, 1969
.06 David B. Truman, 1969-1978
.07 Elizabeth Topham Kennan, 1978-1995
.08 Joanne V. Creighton, 1996-2010
.09 Lynn Pasquerella, 2010-

RG 5: Office of Financial Services

RG 6: Finance and Administration

RG 7: Administrative Offices

.01 Office of Diversity and Inclusion/Ombudsperson
.02 Assistant Business Manager and Purchasing
.03 Office of Admissions
.04 Office of the Treasurer and Business Manager
.05 Career Development Center
.06 Computing and Information Systems
.07 Conference Office
.08 Dean of First Year Students
.09 Office of the Dean of the Faculty and Provost
.10 Office of the Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life
.11 Dean of International Affairs
.12 Office of the Dean of Students
.13 Office of the Dean of Studies
.14 Office of Development
.15 Student Financial Services Department
.16 Department of Dining Services
.17 Health Services
.18 Office of Human Resources
.19 Office of Internship Programs
.20 Office of Institutional Research
.22 Office of External Affairs
.23 Office of Sponsored Research
.24 Office Services
.25 Parking Coordinator
.26 Office of Physical Facilities
.27 Office of Public Relations
.28 Campus Police Department
.29 Office of Student Employment
.30 Office of the Registrar
.31 Secretary of the College
.32 Office of Academic and Educational Affairs
.33 Office of Residential Life
.34 Office of Environmental Health and Safety
.35 Office of Risk Management
.36 Office of Academic Deans
.37 Vice President for Enrollment and College Relations
.38 Dean of the College
.39 Environmental Stewardship Office

RG 8: Friends and Benefactors

RG 9: Auxiliary Services

.01 Art Museum
.02 Bookstore
.03 Central Services
.04 Chapel
.05 Eliot House
.06 Equestrian Center
.07 Friends of Art
.08 Friends of Athletics
.09 Friends of Development Committee
.10 Friends of Horticulture
.11 Friends of Music
.12 Friends of Rowing
.13 Gorse Child Study Center
.14 Learning Development Center
.15 Mount Holyoke Day Care Center
.16 Library
.17 Skinner Museum
.18 Summer Theatre
.19 Willits-Hallowell Center
.20 Writing Center
.21 Harriet L. and Paul M. Weissman Center for Leadership and the Liberal Arts
.22 McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives
.23 Miller Worley Center for the Environment

RG 10: Catalogs, Registers and Directories

RG 11: Special Programs For Non-Mount Holyoke Students

.01 ABC Program
.03 EF Foundation
.04 German Summer School
.05 GTE Focus Program
.06 Higher Horizons Program
.07 Kids to College
.08 Latino Scholars Club
.09 Magnet Middle School
.10 Mount Hermon School Summer Program
.11 Mount Holyoke Children's Choir
.12 Musicorda
.13 The Next Step
.14 Partnership Advancing Learning in Mathematics and Science (PALMS)
.15 Planned Learning Achievement Youth Camp
.16 Reach for the Future
.17 Reading and Study Clinic
.18 Row as One Camp
.19 Speed Reading Clinic
.21 Summer Math Programs
.22 Summer Program for Academically Disadvantaged Students
.23 Summer Riding Camp for Girls
.24 Summer School in Speech
.25 Women in Science
.26 Girls' Basketball Day Camp
.27 Girls Leadership Institute
.28 Girls' Soccer Day Camp
.29 Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth
.30 Postbaccalaureate Studies Program
.31 Rowing Strong, Rowing Together
.32 SEARCH: Summer Explorations and Research Collaborations for High School Girls
.33 Science Adventures Camp
.34 Simmons College Library and Information Science Program at Mount Holyoke
.35 Take the Lead! Program
.36 USA Gymnastics Training Center

RG 12: Undergraduate Programs

.01 American College Council for Summer Study Abroad
.02 American Expedition to Hebron
.03 Drew University Semester in Belgium
.04 Bureau University Travel Records
.05 Experimental European Summer Research Program in International Affairs
.06 Ford-Mellon Research Scholar Program for Minority Scholars
.07 Frances Perkins Program
.08 Internships
.09 Japan Society of New York Summer Study in Japan
.10 Junior Year Abroad
.11 Mount Holyoke Summer Research Fellowship Program
.12 Sea Education Association Sea Semester
.13 Shadowing Program (Cooley Dickinson Hospital)
.14 Two-Unit Plan
.15 Winter Term/January Program
.16 Global Teaching Certificate Program
.17 Nexus. Curriculum to Career Program

RG 13: Scholarships and Fellowships

.01 Twenty-first Century Scholars Program

RG 14: Prizes and Honors

.01 Ada L. F. Snell Poetry Prize
.02 Anna C. Edwards Prize for Excellence in Debate
.03 Anne Singer Memorial Award
.04 Barbara Benson Prize
.05 Bennett Prize
.06 Bernice Maclean Awards
.07 Charlotte D'Evelyn Book Award
.08 Clio-Melpomere Prize
.09 Cornelia Catlin Coulter Scholar in Classics
.10 Edeltraut Barrett Memorial Prize
.11 Ella T. Grasso Pangynaskeia Award
.12 Florence Purington Prize
.13 Frances Harriet Williams Award
.14 Frances L. Haven Prize in Chemistry
.15 French Government Book Prizes
.16 Genesee Valley Sculpture Award
.17 Genevieve Schmich Award
.18 Gertrude Clayor Award of the Academy of American Poets
.19 Gertrude Dudley Scholarship
.20 Helen Blyth Hazen Music Prizes
.21 Helen Warren Smith Award
.22 Janet F. Brooks Memorial Prize
.23 Jean Renneisen Toub Memorial Prize
.24 John Martyn Warbeke Prize
.25 Karen Snyder Sullivan Memorial Travel Award
.26 Kathryn F. Stein Award
.27 Kathryn Gray McFarland Award
.28 Kneeland Prize
.29 Louisa Stone Stevenson Prizes
.30 Margaret Davis Stitt Prize
.31 Maurice L. Rabbino Award
.32 Minnie Ryan Dwight Prize
.33 Mount Holyoke College Community Service Award
.34 Mount Holyoke Scholar Award
.35 Pangynaskeia Mount Holyoke Community Award
.36 Paul Saintonge Prize in French
.37 Phi Beta Kappa Prize
.38 Phoebe Tulman Perlman Prize
.39 Sarah Williston Prizes
.40 Student Service and Leadership Award
.41 Susan Reynolds Prize
.42 Sydney Robertson Mclean Short Story Prize
.43 Wilma J. Pugh Award
.44 Kathryn Irene Glascock Poetry Prize
.45 Merrill Prize for Significant Progress in Freshman English

RG 15: Lecture Series

RG 16: Faculty Governance

.01 Handbooks
.02 Faculty Meeting Minutes
.03 Committee Records
.001 Academic Administrative Board
.002 Ad Hoc Committee on College Weekend Activities
.003 Ad Hoc Committee on International Internships
.004 Ad Hoc Committee on Personnel Policies
.005 Ad Hoc Committee on the Residential College 1967-1969
.006 Ad Hoc Committee on Revision of American Culture Major
.007 Ad Hoc Committee on Student Affairs 1968
.008 Ad Hoc Committee on Student Facilities 1969-1971
.009 Ad Hoc Committee to the Skinner Museum 1977-1978
.010 Advisory Committee on Appointments, Promotions, and Reappointments
.011 Advisory Committee on Women's Studies
.012 Advisory Committee to the Appointment Bureau 1928
.013 Affirmative Action Committee
.014 Afro-American Studies Steering Committee
.015 Alumnae-Faculty Center Committee
.016 Animal Care Committee
.017 Appeals Committee
.018 Appointment Committee
.019 Bicentennial Committee
.020 Board of Examiners
.021 Child Care Study Committee
.022 Class Committees
.023 Classroom Enhancement Group
.024 Commencement Review Committee
.025 Committee Advisory to the President on Reorganization
.026 Committee Appointed to Consider a Plan for the Freshman Course in Voice Training
.027 Committee Appointed to Consider the Question of Department Clubs
.028 Committee Appointed to make investigation with regard to the criticisms of the entrance and college requirements of Mount Holyoke
.029 Committee Appointed to Secure Uniformity in the Examinations Given to Students who are Unable to be Present in the Examination Room
.030 Committee Appointed to Work out a Better Plan for having Examination Papers Mimeographed
.031 Committee for a Survey in World Affairs
.032 Committee for Class of . . .
.033 Committee for Maintenance of Academic Honesty
.034 Committee on a Summer Session
.035 Committee on Academic Honor
.036 Committee on Academic Policy
.037 Committee on Academic Responsibility
.038 Committee on Admission Requirements
.039 Committee on Appeals
.040 Committee on Apportionment of Students' Time
.041 Committee on Calendar Simplification
.042 Committee on Committees
.043 Committee on the Constitution of Standing Committees of the Faculty
.044 Committee on Constitutions
.045 Committee on Curriculum for the Summer Session
.046 Committee on Economy
.047 Committee on Educational and National Defense
.048 Committee on Excessive Absences
.049 Committee on Faculty Dinners
.050 Committee on Faculty Discussion
.051 Committee on Faculty Legislation
.052 Committee on Fellowships
.053 Committee on Financial Aid
.054 Committee on Grading of Courses
.055 Committee on Health
.056 Committee on Housing
.057 Committee on Intellectual Interests of the Students
.058 Committee on Interdepartmental Courses
.059 Committee on Late Registration
.060 Committee on Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Concerns
.061 Committee on Low-Grade Students
.062 Committee on Mid-week Service
.063 Committee on Minors
.064 Committee on Mount Holyoke in Hartford
.065 Committee on Nomination of Alumnae Trustees
.066 Committee on Pensions and Insurance
.067 Committee on Public Health
.068 Committee on Rebates and Scholarships
.069 Committee on Revision of Faculty Legislation
.070 Committee on Scholarships
.071 Committee on Science Requirement
.072 Committee on Secondary Education
.073 Committee on Senior and Sophomore Honors
.074 Open
.075 Committee on Space
.076 Committee on Special Gifts
.077 Committee on Student Activities
.078 Committee on Student Evaluation of Faculty Teaching
.079 Committee on Student Publications
.080 Committee on the Calendar
.081 Committee Appointed to Determine the Procedure with Reference to the Closing Day of the Term
.082 Committee on the Inauguration of Elizabeth T. Kennan
.083 Committee on the Interdepartmental Major
.084 Committee on the Relation of Faculty, Staff, and House Superintendents to the Community
.085 Committee on the Schedule
.086 Committee on University Extension
.087 Committee on Vocational Education
.088 Committee on World Fellowship
.089 Committee to Appoint Committees
.090 Committee to Consider the Academic and Social Schedule
.091 Committee Appointed to Consider the Shortening of the Mid-year Examination Period
.092 Committee to Discuss Four College Cooperation at the Graduate Level
.093 Committee to Study Weekends
.094 Continuing Education Committee
.095 Educational Priorities Committee
.096 Faculty Advisory Committee on the Capital Effort
.097 Faculty Allocations Committee
.098 Faculty Endowment Committee
.099 Faculty Grants Committee
.100 Faculty Teas Committee
.101 Film Committee
.102 Horticulture Committee
.103 Individual Work Committee
.104 Long-Range Planning Committee
.105 Modern Languages Advisory Board
.106 Planning and Budget Committee
.107 Points Committee
.108 Open
.109 Public Affairs Committee
.110 Schedule Committee
.111 Science Group
.112 Staff Training Committee
.113 Strategic Planning Steering Committee
.114 Student Affairs Committee
.115 Student Fund Committee
.116 Task Force on Black Students
.117 Task Force on Sexual Harassment
.118 Task Force on the College Economy
.119 Two-Unit Committee
.120 Volunteer Achievement Awards Committee
.121 Who's Who Among Students Committee
.122 Work Load Committee of Action on Academic Issues
.123 Academic Committee
.124 Academic Policy Committee
.125 Advisory Committee on Community Relations
.126 Board of Admissions
.127 Board of Advisors
.128 Committee for Foreign Students
.129 Committee for International Students
.130 Committee on a Multi-Racial Community
.131 Committee on Advanced Standing
.132 Committee on Graduate Work
.133 Committee on Honor Work
.134 Committee on Resources and Priorities
.135 Committee on Social Responsibility
.136 Committee on Health Professions
.137 Curriculum Committee
.138 Faculty Committee on Planning and Budget
.139 Faculty Conference Committee
.140 Joint Class Committee
.141 Lecture Committee
.142 Library Committee
.143 Winter Term/January Program Committee

.04 Correspondence
.05 Subject Files
.06 AAUP files
.07 Named Professorships
.08 Faculty Show Records

RG 17: Staff Organizations

RG 18: Academic Departments and Programs

.01 African-American and African Studies
.02 Anthropology
.03 Art
.04 Astronomy
.05 Biblical History and Literature
.06 Biological Sciences
.08 Botany
.09 Chemistry
.10 Classics
.11 Dance
.12 Economics
.13 Education
.14 English
.15 French
.16 Geology and Geography
.17 German Studies Department
.18 Greek
.19 History
.20 Open
.21 Italian Language and Literature
.22 Latin
.23 Mathematics and Statistics
.24 Music
.25 Philosophy
.26 Philosophy and Psychology
.27 Physical Education
.28 Physics
.29 Physiology
.30 Plant Science
.31 Politics
.32 Psychology and Education
.33 Religion
.34 Romance Languages and Literatures
.35 Russian
.36 Sociology and Anthropology
.37 Spanish
.38 Spanish and Italian
.39 Speech
.40 Theatre Arts
.41 Zoology
.42 Intercollegiate Courses/Seminars
.43 Interdepartmental Courses
.44 Interdisciplinary Major, African and African-American Studies
.45 Interdisciplinary Major, American Studies
.46 Interdisciplinary Major, Asian Studies
.47 Interdisciplinary Major, Biochemistry
.48 Interdisciplinary Major, Environmental Studies
.49 Interdisciplinary Major, European Studies
.50 Interdisciplinary Major, International Relations
.51 Interdisciplinary Major, Jewish Studies
.52 Interdisciplinary Major, Latin American Studies
.53 Interdisciplinary Major, Medieval Studies
.54 Interdisciplinary Major, Psychobiology
.55 Interdisciplinary Major, Romance Languages and Literature
.56 Interdisciplinary Major, Urban Studies
.57 Gender Studies Department
.58 Computer Science Department
.59 Interdisciplinary Major, Critical Social Thought
.60 Interdisciplinary Major, Film Studies

RG 19: Faculty/Staff Biographical Files

RG 20: Mount Holyoke History and Description Records

RG 21: Mount Holyoke Scrapbooks

RG 22: Mount Holyoke Journal Letters and Notebooks

RG 23: Students and Alumnae Profiles and Statistical Records

RG 24: Buildings and Grounds

.01 Historical Information
.02 Campus Views
.03 Buildings
.04 Grounds
.05 Architects

RG 25: Student Organizations Records

.01 Student Life Subject Files
.02 Handbooks
.03 Student Organizations
.01 Student Government Association
.02 Phi Beta Kappa
.03 Outing Club
.04 Second Amendment Sisters
.05 Rugby Team
.06 Young Women's Christian Association (Mount Holyoke College)
.07 Students' League
.08 Mount Holyoke College Community
.09 Nice Shoes
.11 C.A.U.S.E.: Creating Awareness and Unity for Social Equality
.12 WMHC

.04 Student Traditions

RG 26: Group Photographs

.01 Group Photographs
.02 Unidentified Photographs

RG 27: Alumnae Biographical Files

.01 B.A. Candidates for or Recipients of a Diploma or Bachelor's Degree
.02 Participants in Graduate or Special Programs
.03 Recipients of Master's Degrees

RG 28: Alumnae Association Records

.01 Alumnae Association Records
.02 Alumnae Club Records
.01 Mount Holyoke Club of Westchester
.02 Mount Holyoke Club of Hartford

RG 29: Mount Holyoke College Missionaries Collection

RG 30: Mount Holyoke War Collection

RG 31: Academies and Seminaries Collection

RG 32: Mount Holyoke College Periodicals

.01 Mount Holyoke News
.02 Mount Holyoke Alumnae Quarterly
.03 Mount Holyoke Now

RG 33: Medals

RG 34: Class Books, Freshman Handbooks, Yearbooks, Student Handbooks, and Alumnae Registers

.01 Class Books
.02 Freshman Handbooks
.03 Yearbooks
.04 Student Handbooks
.05 Alumnae Registers

RG 35: Conferences

RG 36: Ceremonies

.01 Commencement
.02 Baccalaureate
.03 Convocation
.04 Founder's Day
.05 Honorary Degrees

RG 37: Distinguished Visitors

RG 38: Consortial and Conference Memberships

.01 Consortium on Financing Higher Education
.02 Seven College Conference

RG 39: Associated Schools

RG 40: Glass Plate Negatives and Lantern Slides

RG 41: Classes Records

RG 42: Mount Holyoke College Memory Books Collection

RG 43: Mount Holyoke College Diplomas Collection

RG 44: Mount Holyoke College Films, Video Recordings, and DVDs Collection

RG 45: Student Life Subject Files

RG 46: Mount Holyoke College Traditions Collection