Artists' Books by American Women

Sue Bucholz.

You waters! 1990.
A paraphrase of the Book of Daniel, with illustrations on acetate. Edition of 56 numbered copies. Ms. Bucholz is one of several book artists in the collection who are associated with the Women's Studio Workshop in Rosendale, N.Y.

Laura Davidson.

Florence. 2003.

Rochelle Rubinstein Kaplan.

Daddy was king. 1991.
With text by Nessa Rapoport. A short, disturbing, illustrated book on child abuse. Edition of 100 numbered copies.

Emily K. Larned.

Syntax machine. 2001.
An accordion fold book bound in brushed metal with marbled paper spine. The book explores the intersections of syntax, book production and libraries. Edition of 35 numbered copies.

Angela Lorenz.

Binding ties. 1997.
"This book presents six vignettes, from the Bronze Age to the present, in the history of international trade across six continents." Each vignette takes the physical form of a regimental tie from one of the British colonial regiments. Edition of 30 numbered copies, plus A-L hors commerce. More...

Dis cover Italian monuments : 12 color views. 1989.
Plays with the format of postcard books for tourists; the twist is that each of the 12 monuments is obscured by scaffolding. Edition of 3,000 copies.

Pandora's hieroglyphic primer. 1992.
A poem of words and hieroglyphics colored by hand. The text is based on information from history and mythology concerning prototypes of women responsible for propagating evil in the world ... mostly from Western culture." Edition of 45 numbered copies. More... 

Mary McCarthy.

Tribal alphabet. 1998.
Images from 26 different tribes in Africa are used to create an alphabet book. The original designs are collages, reproduced on an Epsom color printer. Edition of 26 numbered copies.

Sara Parkel.

Even the birds were on fire : 9.11.01. 2001.
A book of poetry fragments with a minute-to-minute timeline of the events of September 11, 2001. Writings are by Esther Smith, Marshall Weber, Peter Spagnuolo, Amy Ferrara, Shane Beversdorf, Sara Parkel, child at Battery Park, with excerpts of conversation on the Pier 11 ferry. Edition of 150 copies. 

Jill Timm.

Calico ghosts : a photographic portrait of a silver mining town. 2000.
A look at the ghost town of Calico, California combining color photographs of the town as it is today and black-and-white images of people from the late 19th century. The people are printed on translucent paper which overlays the color prints giving a ghostly quality to the finished image. Edition of 35 copies.

Ship wreck : the Peter Iredale. 2003.
The printing is Giclée ... and reproduces miniature photographs of the wreck of the Peter Iredale near the mouth of the Columbia River on the coast of Oregon. The cover is rusted steel with a screen-printed title. Edition of 60 numbered copies. 

Lisa Titus.

Illustrations of power. 1994.
A small book about psychological control of one person over another. The illustrations are printed on plastic.

Alison Williams.

The coup. 2001-
A limited edition "hyper-zine". The issue for 2001 contained short pieces by Ms. Williams, the National Opinion Research Center, Louis Posner, Stan Goff and Amiri Baraka and focused on the 2000 presidential election.

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