Electronic Records Transfers

To transfer electronic records to the College Archives, you must contact Archives staff to be added as a user in the records transfer system. Once you have been confirmed and made a user by Archives staff that first time, you simply log in to the transfer system each time you wish to make an electronic records transfer.

  1. The first screen of the transfer system will ask you for your username and password. Enter your Mount Holyoke College username in the Username text box.
    For example:
  2. Enter your Mount Holyoke College password in the Password text box.
    Click on the "Sign In" button.
  3. The next screen will note that you have signed in successfully and list the office or department transfer agreement(s) that you may currently use to transfer files.
    For example:
    "You have 1 active transfer agreement at present:
    1. Board of Trustees Office."
  4. Click on the name of the transfer agreement to make a transfer.
    For example:
    If you are transferring Board of Trustees Office records then click on "Board of Trustees Office."
  5. A new screen will appear with the name of your transfer agreement and a description of the types of records that that office is expected to transfer.
    For example:
    "Transfer Agreement: Board of Trustees Office
    Records of the Board of Trustees Office.
    Make a transfer."
  6. Click on the words "Make a transfer" to make your transfer.
  7. A new screen will appear. Enter a brief description of the electronic records that you are transferring into the Description text box. Please include a title and/or description of the records along with the date they were created.
    For example:
    Board of Trustees Board Book, November 2011.
  8. Click on the "Browse…" button to find the files on your computer that you wish to transfer. You may add multiple files to a transfer by clicking on the "Add file" button.
  9. Press the "Transfer!" button to transfer the files to Archives.
  10. When you are finished transferring files, log out of the digital records transfer system by simply clicking on the words Log Out in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  11. You will receive an email verifying your transfer once it is completed.

Thank you for transferring your digital records and helping us to ensure that the records of the college are maintained. Please contact Archives and Special Collections with any questions.