Paper Records Transfers

Order boxes

First, obtain boxes for your paper records. Please contact Archives & Special Collections staff for information; we may be able to provide you with boxes. If your department orders boxes in preparation for a transfer, please order acid-free records storage cartons, 15" x 12" x 10".

Fill and label the boxes

Fill the boxes from front to back. For records arranged chronologically, put the earliest records in the front and fill toward the back. For records arranged alphabetically, put the beginning of the alphabet in the front and fill toward the back. Files kept in hanging folders must be removed from the hanging folders, but please make a note of the titles on the folders on the box and folder list document.

Make a list of box contents

Create a box and folder list document. For example,

Box 1

Folder 1: Regulations, ca. 1920-1994

Folder 2: Information on Rules, 1846-1969

Folder 3: Book of Duties, 1842-1846

Folder 4: Blue Laws

Folder 5: Articles Regarding Blue Laws

Email the box and folder list

Send it to Archives & Special Collection staff and place a printed copy for each box in a folder at the beginning of the box to which it pertains. This inventory allows the Archives staff to retrieve documents requested by campus departments.

Arrange delivery

If you have not already done so, contact the Archives & Special Collections staff  to discuss the transfer. Records should be delivered via Facilities Management. It is best to avoid having the records delivered during inclement weather.