Photocopy & Digital Image Requests


Reproduction Services

Scans and paper copies are made for one-time personal use by the researcher and completed by Archives and Special Collections staff. Reproductions will be made after it is determined by the staff that the process will not damage the materials in question. 

Digital Image Requests

Scans of photographs and texts are available upon request. 

To order an image

  1. Complete the Photocopy and Scan Request Form for photocopies and scans or the Digital Image Request Form for high-quality digital images.
  2. Email the form to Archives and Special Collections.

Permission to Publish:

In most cases, reproductions are made for one time personal use by the researcher. No photographic or text reproductions (physical or electronic) may be published or made publicly available without the prior permission of the Mount Holyoke College Archives and Special Collections. The Archives and Special Collections reserves the right not to accept a copy order if, in the staff's judgement, fulfilling the order will involve violation of United States Copyright Law (Title 17, U.S.C.) For further information please see our copyright statement.