Reading Room Policies

  1. Upon arrival, researchers must register, show a valid photo id, and review procedures for using the collections.
  2. Researchers must sign in and out every time they come or go from the department.
  3. Researchers must complete a call slip to request items in the collection.
  4. No food or beverage is permitted in the reading room.  Smoking is prohibited.
  5. All briefcases, book bags, handbags, computer cases, coats, and other personal articles must be deposited in the coat area or with an Archives and Special Collections staff member.  Lockers are available.  
  6. Only paper, pencils, laptop computers, and loose paper may be used in the research area.
  7. The reference staff will check all materials brought into the reading room when the researcher is entering and leaving.
  8. Each researcher is allowed to use no more than two boxes, two folders, or two volumes of material at one time.
  9. Collection materials, including photographs, must be handled with care.  They must not be marked or folded and their existing order must be maintained.  If a filing error is suspected, researchers should report the error to the Archives and Special Collections staff; researchers should not rearrange any material.  Surfaces of photographic prints should never be touched (gloves will be provided). Book supports are provided to support rare book bindings.
  10. Photocopying of documents is done by staff members when it is determined that doing so will not damage the originals. 
  11. Scanning or photographing of collection materials by researchers is prohibited without the permission of an Archives and Special Collections staff librarian.
  12. At the end of a patron’s visit or at the end of the day, the staff person on duty will review materials used. Patrons will remain in the archives until the material has been checked in.
  13. Please turn cell phone ringer off and exit the reading room for phone calls.