The Mount Holyoke College Art Museum is defined by its innovative program of teaching with art and material culture. The number of faculty and students deeply engaging with original works of art continues to grow each year. Last year 103 unique courses held 172 class sessions at MHCAM, comprising a total of 2,757 student visits. As a part of that unprecedented activity, 76 faculty members from an impressive array of 26 different disciplines taught not only with the art on view in the galleries but also with 1,400 objects pulled from storage.

In support of this exciting work, three visionary donors have stepped forward this year to establish the following new endowed funds for Teaching with Art at MHCAM:

  • F. Chaney Li, Class of 1964, Teaching with Art Endowed Fund
  • Elizabeth Cannon Gump, Class of 1956, Teaching with Art Endowed Fund
  • Harriet and Robert Friedlander Teaching with Art Endowed Fund

These funds will be used to underwrite internships, faculty seminars, multimedia initiatives, travel costs for students working with community groups, and more. In tandem with a generous endowment established by Susan and Matt Weatherbie, in 2013, to secure a curator of academic programs position, these important gifts will ensure the continued success of the Museum’s Teaching with Art program. Together these remarkable alumnae have invested in the idea that art can be a transformative power in education, that great art and great teachers can change lives.

Finally, on behalf of the Art Museum Advisory Board and staff, I want to thank our former Florence Finch Abbott Director John Stomberg and wish him all the best as he embarks on a new adventure in his career as the Virginia Rice Kelsey 1961 Director of the Hood Museum of Art at Dartmouth College. We are excited for what the future will bring as Mount Holyoke College conducts a national search for a dynamic new Museum director. In the meantime, we continue to move boldly forward with exciting exhibition projects and educational initiatives designed to celebrate the MHCAM’s 140th anniversary in the fall of 2016.

Susan Abert Noonan ’82, Art Museum Advisory Board Chair